2021 Cricket News: Michael Clarks and ex-wife Kyly, rumors, daughter, Pip Edwards


Former Australian test captain Michael Clarke spoke publicly after reports that he had reconciled with his ex-wife Kelly.

Former Australian test captain Michael Clarke refuted reports that he had settled with his ex-wife Kyly Boldy, and the two were found on Sydney’s northern beaches last weekend.

on Wednesday, Daily mail According to reports, fashion designer Pip Edwards-who had a brief date with Michael last year- Confirm that the couple are together again.

“I wish them all the best,” Edwards said at Australian Fashion Week.

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Photos of Michael and Kelly also appeared Spend time with daughter Kelsey Lee on Sunday.

The former power couple was found in the Avalon Café and was later seen buying groceries together.

But Clark ended the speculation on Friday morning, clarifying that he and Kelly did not get back together.

“Last weekend we went to Palm Beach with my sister, her husband and two children,” Clark said Kyle and Jackie O show.

“Suddenly, because we were going to spend a family holiday with our daughter, we were back together again.

“I think they just forgot to ask Kelly or myself.”

Clark explained that he and Kelly have maintained a healthy relationship since they separated and are in constant contact.

“Kelly and I have said since the first day-we have such a deep friendship. In fact, we can do this for our daughter. I don’t think there will be a husband and wife or ex-husband who are not together. Wives, they don’t want their children to be like this,” Clark said.

“Kyly is a natural parent and she is an amazing mother. For me, I learn while walking. I got 50% custody of my daughter, so I like to see her.

“Kyly and I are talking almost every day because I’m asking for advice…even food. If Kyly do something to her when she is with her, I will say, “Kelly, why does she love your lamb? But she doesn’t love me? “

“I also need help… Our friendship is very important to our daughter.”

Last February, Clark and Bodie confirm they are breaking up After seven years of marriage.

A joint statement read: “After we have been separated for a period of time, we have made the difficult decision to separate amicably as husband and wife.”

“In the utmost respect for each other, we have come to a common conclusion that this is the best course we take while working to raise our daughter together.”

Clark and Kelly go to Westfield Sports High School in Sydney together, But didn’t start dating until many years later, after Clark’s engagement with Laura Worthington (nee Bingle) was lifted in 2010.

Clark and PE Nation founder Edwards confirmed their relationship in June last year and regularly posted a series of happy photos on their social media pages.

In December 2020, they held a grand party on a superyacht worth 15 million US dollars to celebrate Clark’s appointment as an officer of the Director of the Order of Australia as part of the Queen’s birthday honor list.

But all good things must end, The two broke up in February.

At the same time, last October, Boldy established a relationship with V8 Supercars driver James Courtney After the pair were found “kissing passionately” on the side of the circuit in Bathurst.

However, their flight lasted about two months.


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