Future Bright for Newfoundland & Labrador’s Mining Industry as Glen McKay’s Newfoundland Hard-Rok Inc., Other Companies Announce Projects

Mining is one of Newfoundland and Labrador’s largest and oldest industries, and a major contributor to the economy of the province, especially in rural areas. More than fifteen mineral commodities have been... Read more »

Sweta Mangal-Led MUrgency Receives Funds From Ratan Tata

MUrgency, a San Francisco-based medical emergency response startup, received a major boost as Ratan Tata, the Chairman Emeritus of Tata Sons decided to invest in the company. MUrgency Inc, a mobile app,... Read more »

Automated coffee packaging solutions from the manufacturer

In case you are manufacturing coffee or any kind of non-free flowing products such as medical powders, energy drinks, coffee cream than coffee packaging machines will be really useful for your business.... Read more »

Initial Public Offering (IPO) or Merger and Acquisition (M&A): What is the better choice

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Why translation rates per word matter in translation?

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15.4% CAGR may whiz the edtech market in next 6 years

The education technology (edtech) market has witnessed steep development in the last decade. As new ideas and cutting-edge technologies are making their way into the education sector, innovative products and services are... Read more »

Specific Knowledge Required for Real Estate Developer

In addition to the commercial spirit, there is other more specific knowledge that you should also know. Like the commercial spirit, this knowledge can be learned on your own or by attending... Read more »

Reasons to hire a consultant in Project Management

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Why do you need an Accountant in your Company?

It is usual for small and medium businesses to see accounting as a “necessary evil” and hire external accountants to carry the basics, that is, “fiscal accounting“, to prepare and file the... Read more »

Why Business Analysis is Necessary?

The main objective of business analysis is to detect the needs of an organization and recommend solutions that add value to the stakeholders. It allows companies to articulate those needs and the... Read more »