In Motion Physical Therapy Expands Video Motion Analysis Services

Leading physical therapy clinic, In Motion Physical Therapy, announced early on the week that the company was expanding its Video Motion Analysis services. According to experts at the clinic, the certified physical therapist and its team focus on holistic physical therapy, which the video analysis service is a big part of. The expanded video motion analysis will include gait analysis, running analysis, and scapular analysis. The detection of issues to any of these could indicate why the patient may be suffering from any number of physical problems.

In Motion Physical Therapy Expands Video Motion Analysis Services
In Motion Physical Therapy Expands Video Motion Analysis Services

Whether following injury or surgery, many patients have a hard time walking normally again. Video motion analysis of a person’s gait can help detect various issues. A certified physical therapist analyzes the video of the person walking on a treadmill in the clinic to determine and detect any movement dysfunction contributing to pain. It should be said that video analysis is the most efficient way of detecting potential issues and the source of pain.

Video motion analysis is also used to analyze a person running. Whether an athlete is gearing up for an upcoming race or is trying to make a comeback after an injury, understanding their movement patterns is imperative. In Motion Physical Therapy professionals utilize a systematic process to help analyze a person’s running technique in both real-time and slow motion. The result is that the therapist can provide visual and verbal feedback needed for a runner to reach their goals.

Scapular Analysis helps detect why a patient may be complaining of shoulder pain. The fact is that many patients with shoulder pain have scapular dyskinesis, which means that one or both of their shoulder blades aren’t correctly positioned over their ribcage or don’t move correctly. Usually, scapular issues are faced by athletes like tennis players or those with previous rotator cuff issues. Video analysis of the scapular plane helps closely observe how the shoulder blades are moving during various functional tasks to figure out which muscles are weak and need to be strengthened to restore regular movement. Even though experienced doctors can analyze the issue without video, having video helps document and closely observe the issue.

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“Anyone concerned about if they are not running correctly, or one of their hands isn’t moving correctly, or experiencing chronic pain should visit us. One of the first things we do is do a video motion analysis. The analysis can prove invaluable in detecting issues that may otherwise be highly challenging to diagnose. That’s why we’ve decided to expand the service further to cover all three of the most common reasons for pain and the inability to function correctly.” Said one of the therapists working at In Motion Therapy.

She added, “Video analysis is also faster because it does not take as much time as a regular or traditional analysis.”

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In Motion Physical Therapy is on a mission to provide top-quality physical therapy services, which helps patients return to doing the activities they love. The company works with tennis players, runners, and people who want to lose weight. Located in Lincoln Park, the company provides excellent quality care for patients to get back on their feet.

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