Coin Bureau Youtube Channel Hacked Despite 2FA Protection

Coin Bureau, a popular cryptocurrency development information portal with more than 600,000 followers on Twitter, suffered a security breach on its Youtube channel on Monday. The hacker allegedly uploaded a video containing... Read more »

Uniswap founder’s bank account closed by JPMorgan, shadow de-banking allegations surface

On Sunday, Hayden Adams, CEO and founder of the popular decentralized exchange or DEX, Uniswap (Unite), claiming his JPMorgan bank account was closed without explanation. Furthermore, Adams stated that the incident was... Read more »

Blockchain-enabled digital fashion creates new business models for brands

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) may be disrupting the multi-trillion-dollar fashion industry, but NFTs are just one piece of a larger puzzle that is revolutionizing the space. Instead, blockchain technology as a whole continues... Read more »

Technical Indicators Suggest Bitcoin Has Hit Its Lowest Since March 2020 Pandemic Crash – Blockchain News, Opinion, TV and Jobs

By: Marcus Sotiriou, Analyst, UK Digital Asset Broker global block Bitcoin plummeted to $34,000 over the weekend as its correlation with U.S. stocks strengthened. The rapidly changing policy of the Federal Reserve... Read more »

New York City Mayor Receives His First Cryptocurrency Salary –

it’s a season cryptocurrency! ! ! Virtual assets have developed into one of the coolest investment trends favored by investors across multiple work fields. In a recent development, the new mayor of... Read more »

Robinhood’s new crypto wallet gains investor support –

As a leading financial services provider and trading platform, Robinhood, with its newly launched cryptocurrency wallet project. Aparna Chennapragada, the company’s chief procurement officer, revealed in an interview that the company’s recently... Read more »

Union Bank of the Philippines backs crypto custody services for investors –

As cryptocurrencies gain popularity among new-age and seasoned investors, Union Bank of the Philippines is preparing to take its first steps in the cryptocurrency pool. The trusted Philippine bank looks forward to... Read more »

No regrets for NYC mayor receiving his first Bitcoin paycheck during dip

Bitcoin (BTC) is a New York state of mind thing for Eric Adams, the crypto advocate serving as the 110th Mayor of New York City. He received his first Bitcoin payout on... Read more »

Blockchain Metaverse Ecosystem Gains Traction as Brands Create Digital Experiences

Like consumers, billion-dollar companies are taking the metaverse by storm show Increased interest in virtual, interactive, 3D experiences conducted online. While the “metaverse” is still a new concept, research firm Strategy Analytics... Read more »

How to pick or analyze altcoins?

What are altcoins? The word “altcoin” is derived from “alternative” and “coin”. Altcoins refer to all alternatives to Bitcoin. Altcoins are cryptocurrencies that share characteristics with Bitcoin (bitcoin). For example, Bitcoin and... Read more »