How Avalanche reimagined DeFi

This is not the first time that the native tokens of the Avalanche blockchain have experienced violent fluctuations. In February, the price of AVAX was as high as $60, but it reached... Read more »

Bet on Ethereum 2.0 and explain

Although Ethereum 2.0 pledge allows validators to be compensated for protecting the network, “Ethereum 2.0 pledge earns”. It is its own product and provides users with rewards for a variety of DeFi... Read more »

Bitfinex launches the first L2 bridge from CeFi to DeFi

Cryptocurrency exchange Bitfinex today announced a market debut service to connect its centralized platform with a layer 2 decentralized trading platform and subsidiary DeversiFi. The bridge will combine CeFi’s high liquidity and... Read more »

China’s new decentralized stablecoin targets international trade

As global financial authorities become more and more Pay attention to stablecoin supervision, A Chinese jurisdiction is preparing to pilot a new stable currency linked to the renminbi in international trade. Chris... Read more »

NFT may mark the revival of art galleries

For decades, art galleries and museum exhibitions The world promotes the existence of cultural education, social interaction and awe-inspiring visual moments. Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel, Georgia O’Keeffe’s “Black Iris III” and Picasso’s “Crying... Read more »

10% of early-stage startups are committed to blockchain: GSER 2021

As venture capital funds seem to prioritize emerging technologies, the blockchain industry has experienced a large inflow of funds from corporate supporters. According to the 2021 Global Startup Ecosystem Report released on... Read more »

Sommelier and Mysten Labs collaborate to launch Cosmos smart contract

Sommelier is a collaborative processing protocol for the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). Today, it announced the establishment of a R&D partnership with Mysten Labs to increase the speed of liquid transactions and... Read more »

The DeFi platform Vee Finance was developed on the Avalanche blockchain at a price of 35 million U.S. dollars

Decentralized finance (DeFi) platform Vee Finance reported a loss of $35 million in its latest exploit, just a few days after launching the mainnet on the Avalanche network. Rear pause Services provided... Read more »

The data shows the parabolic growth of DeFi and DEX platforms based on layer 2

In the increasingly fierce competition between blockchain technology and cryptocurrency, any project that hopes to achieve long-term success in the ecosystem requires protocol innovation and the ability to solve the biggest problems... Read more »

BBA promotes clarity in crypto regulation in Massachusetts

The Boston Blockchain Association (BBA), along with the Boston-based media company Media Shower and the Digital Chamber of Commerce, are working hard to lobby Massachusetts to develop favorable encryption regulations. According to... Read more »