What exactly happened at Cyber ​​Week in 2021?Analyze the trends of IBM supply chain and blockchain blogs for the biggest shopping week of the year

Share this post: During Cyber ​​Week, the chaos in the supply chain did not deter holiday shoppers, but it did change shopping patterns and some long-standing holiday shopping traditions. Black Thursday disappeared…... Read more »

Travala currently accepts Shiba Inu Crypto — SHIB can book 3 million travel products worldwide

The crypto-friendly travel website Travala supports shiba inu cryptocurrency. SHIB is currently accustomed to booking 3 million travel products worldwide, as well as flights, hotels and travel packages at this location. Travala... Read more »

Billionaire Barry Sternlicht discusses Bitcoin value rising to 1 million US dollars-calling BTC a “smart” hedge

The chairman of Starwood Capital Cluster and the rich, Barry Sternlicht, shared his reading on how Bitcoin has grown to a value of $1,000,000 per coin. He called cryptocurrency a “smart” closed... Read more »

SBI announces establishment of crypto joint venture with Swiss digital exchange SIX

SBI Digital Asset Holdings is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Japanese banking giant SBI Holdings. Announce A joint venture cryptocurrency company with the Swiss SIX Digital Exchange (SDX). The joint venture will be... Read more »

A whole day’s news roundup: the latest news 08/12/21-

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House memo details Congress’ priorities before the crypto CEO hearing

The US House of Representatives Financial Services Committee issued a memo detailing the main points of discussion during the meeting. The mixed hearing on digital assets will be held today 10:00 AM... Read more »

Is quantum computing the biggest threat to encryption? ——

Blockchain and quantum computing are a technological confrontation. For the field of encryption, the quantum cloud is taking shape.Significant advances in quantum computing could theoretically derail the entire cryptocurrency industry, just like... Read more »

The Australian government approves of 6 world-leading cryptocurrency reforms

The Australian government is seriously considering the launch of a central bank digital currency (CBDC) and supports many forward-looking regulatory encryption proposals as part of the new “payment and encryption reform plan.”... Read more »

How many bitcoins are left, and how much remains to be mined?

Want to know How many bitcoins left How much is left for me now? Let us unravel all the secrets about the number of bitcoins! Bitcoin, the first Cryptocurrency, Has always been... Read more »

Cadalabs launches the first Metaverse on Cardano, which can sell virtual land and tokens

The Cadalabs protocol has been lingering in the crypto community since its inception on the Cardano network. The Cadalabs agreement has a highly specialized and skilled team of developers who are always... Read more »