New survey shows that panic selling is the biggest mistake of cryptocurrency investors

Encryption enthusiasts know the importance of storage and passwords best, and they know how easy it is to lose access to digital assets.recent Polls The title “Coin Storage Security: A Closer Study... Read more »

According to reports, BSV suffered a “large-scale” 51% attack

According to reports, starting at around 11:45 on Tuesday morning, Bitcoin SV suffered a “large-scale” 51% attack, resulting in the simultaneous mining of three versions of the chain. Analysis provider Coin Metrics... Read more »

Thanks to Bauhaus, I now fully get the NFT

Last Friday, I received a press release from Grace at a music and public relations company called 23. Grace wanted to know if I would be interested in running a feature on... Read more »

How cross-chain liquidity aggregation shapes the future of DeFi

Since decentralized exchanges now represent a large amount of encrypted trading volume, it is obvious that these platforms will play an important role in the future smart economy. In particular, automated market... Read more »

How low will the price of BTC fall after the failure of the $42,000 resistance level?

Bitcoin (Bitcoin) There has been an impressive 44% rebound in ten consecutive green trading days. This rebound and the large number of green days led to a shift in mood. Almost two... Read more »

According to the report, by 2025, the blockchain identity market will grow by $3.58B

A new report on the cross-departmental integration potential of blockchain identity management solutions predicts that its global market will grow strongly, with a compound annual growth rate of nearly 71%. The report... Read more »

NFT is a game changer for independent artists and musicians

The revolution will not be televised-it will be cast.Earlier this year, we saw Irreplaceable tokensOr NFT, in mainstream media and popular culture. We have all heard of them, but is the hype... Read more »

DeFi style?This is how women break into the game

There are many things to consider when entering this field: what motivates people to do this; how blockchain technology, encryption, and DeFi match your overall personal or professional philosophy; and how to... Read more »

We can do better at doing good

Charity fundraising risks have been left behind in the shift to online activities. But drawing inspiration from the COVID-19 pandemic and new payment technologies can open the door. Whether you are ready... Read more »

Amazon rumored to be accepting Bitcoin, MicoStrategy pledges to buy more BTC, Bitcoin struggles at $40K: Hodler’s Digest, July 25-31

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