Zenft Studio’s Bonsai Feast sold $2 million in NFT in one hour


Although the short-term market prospects of many NFT projects look uncertain, and multiple new versions are difficult to gain traction, a garden-themed decline may sell 8,888 irreplaceable tokens in less than an hour ( NFT), thus creating some records.

The irreplaceable token studio Zenft released a series of 8,888 unique potted NFT plants, which quickly sold out on Tuesday. The studio sold each digital tree for 0.08 ether (Ethereum), or approximately $220 at the time of publication. Bonsai has augmented reality/virtual reality capabilities, and their 3D design is a step up from previous pixelated 2D projects. The studio celebrated nearly $2,000,000 in sales with a tweet:

Considering NFT, the success is a bit surprising Still stuck in a downturn after explosive growth Earlier this year. New games like Cryptoriors are hard to sell out completely, which makes the one-hour mark a special feat.

However, some collectors suspect that the success may be partly due to clever marketing.

“I like their appearance, but it feels like people are trying to recreate what happened to the Bored Apes money printing machine,” a famous collector who asked not to be named told Cointelegraph. “Seeing the space become a celebrity toilet and trash can, I feel a little exhausted.”

Bored Ape Yacht Club is another recent success in the market downturn, successfully attracting an avid community, partly due to contact with well-known investors and collectors in the NFT field-as one collector said, Where do whales go, small collectors, or “plankton”, follow (sometimes harmful to them).

In an interview with Cointelegraph, the “8ncient gardener”, one of Zenft’s three “gardeners” (or developers), said that marketing played a role-especially 8ncient “made our gifts carefully”-but in the end, quality is the artistic The reason why bonsai is so popular.

“I think our art speaks very honestly. Everyone can unite around a bonsai. We have apes, punk, Voxo, sandboxes, camels-all these NFT factions are gathered around bonsai,” he said . “In the world of pixel art, we made gorgeous 3D bonsai.”

On the chain evidence It’s a bit mixed. Currently, there are 1,736 different holders of nearly 9,000 bonsai, and more than 22% of the supply is concentrated in two NFT whale addresses. However, there has been a sharp decline from there, and there is a wide range of addresses with a smaller number of bonsai.

Although it is impossible to say the exact source of success, Zenft “Grove Councillor” “Justsomebonzai” believes that digital trees will eventually spread happiness:

“People really like bonsai. They are beautiful IRLs. They are as beautiful as NFTs.”