When the funds disappeared from the account, Coinbase customers were angry with the customer support

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Coinbase customers are once again frustrated by the lack of customer support for the $65 billion company.

After reports of user accounts being hacked and depleted of funds, Coinbase was attacked due to poor customer service.

According to a CNBC survey on August 24, thousands of shoppers across the country filed complaints against the company.

The media stated that it had interviewed multiple Coinbase customers who claimed that hackers exhausted their accounts, and the problem was exacerbated by the exchange’s failure to respond to support requests:

“Interviews with Coinbase customers across the country and the review of thousands of complaints revealed a pattern of account takeover where users saw cash suddenly disappear from their accounts, and then Coinbase’s poor customer service made these users uneasy. And anger.”

Tanja Vidovic, a Coinbase consumer, claimed that when she received a series of password change security alerts in April, she lost almost all of her $168,000 in cryptocurrency assets. Tanja said that trying to contact Coinbase by phone is useless.

Another customer told the media that when he logged into the Coinbase app in March, many encrypted assets of nearly $35,000 disappeared from his account. Coinbase’s regulatory response team eventually sent an email to the victim, stating that transactions on the blockchain are irreversible, adding that Coinbase’s insurance does not charge personal accounts for theft.

In March, the New York Times conducted a large number of investigations on a helpless Coinbase customer who eventually sued the company when it lost $100,000 worth of cryptocurrency.

In order to vent their frustrations, various Coinbase users have started to use social media, such as the well-known analyst Kaleo, who told his 360,000 followers that the company showed a “very embarrassing performance of caring for customers.”

The tweet announced a day ago has attracted a series of responses from different Coinbase customers who have similar problems with support or have been hacked. Coinbase did respond to this dissatisfaction, but one person admitted:

“You can only reply and help people who have a few followers, so your name will not go to hell! What about us? No help for five months! Account locked!”

Others said: “I have been unable to access my Coinbase account for nearly four months. Worst!”

After the company went public in April this year, Coinbase COO Brian Armstrong told CNBC ironically, “People don’t have to be afraid

in [crypto] Just like the early days. “

Since 2016, Coinbase users have submitted 12,000 complaints against Coinbase to the Federal Trade Commission and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, so most of them are related to customer service.


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