What is the outlook for encryption and blockchain in 2022?Expert answers, part 1

Sandra is the CEO of the Global Blockchain Business Council, which is the industry association for the blockchain technology ecosystem.

“​​2022 will be a’business career risk’. There is no basic understanding of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. From bankers to corporate executives to politicians, they must join and seriously consider the impact of blockchain.

In addition, the winner of 2022 will “expect the surprise.” And adapt to new trends in investment, customer service and participation.

By 2021, few people expect NFT to become a killer application, driving mainstream interest and adoption. Web3, Metaverse and DAO will enter mainstream curiosity in 2022.

A boring infrastructure is essential. The crypto market and the blockchain industry are experiencing explosive growth, but to expand, they require common terminology, standards, and sound governance, including conflict resolution.

The Global Blockchain Business Council will continue the global standard mapping initiative in 2022 to map the regulatory, technical, academic and commercial status of cryptocurrencies and digital assets.

GMSI is the largest crowdsourced, open-access encryption and blockchain research project. The GMSI 2.0 content released in November is the result of eight months. Work from more than 200 individuals and 131 institutions, including student researchers and veterans from government, industry, start-ups, and regulatory agencies.

For 2022, I still keep in mind the original vision of insisting on providing a level playing field for many people rather than a few. “

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