Trippy Bunny NFT donates 100% of mint proceeds to the Suicide Prevention Foundation

Trippy Bunny NFT is a new non-fungible token project built on Solana. It announced that it will donate all of its mint sales proceeds to the American Suicide Prevention Foundation.

this announcement Suicide Prevention Day was held globally on September 10th. The annual Awareness Day was first organized by the International Suicide Prevention Association in 2003. Today, it is supported by the World Health Organization and the World Mental Health Federation.

It is estimated that 700,000 people worldwide die by suicide each year. according to For United for Global Mental Health, an international foundation that promotes mental health, it is estimated that in 2019, more than 1 in every 100 people in the world will die by suicide.

Trippy Bunny’s mint earnings were collected through Gemini U.S. Dollars (GUSD), totaling $220,886. All funds will be donated to the Suicide Prevention Foundation of America.this project Publish The transaction hash mark that appears on Etherscan.

Trippy Bunny minted 1,111 NFTs on September 10th, each with a value of 1.11 SOL. According to reports, at the time of writing, the value of SOL is slightly less than $189. Cointelegraph Markets Pro.

GUSD token transfer is made by Give block, A cryptocurrency donation platform that has initiated multiple initiatives to increase charitable donations in the blockchain industry.The company’s latest initiative, called the Crypto Donation Pledge, see Contributions of leading industry veterans Including Ryan Selkis, Dan Matuszewski, Qiao Wang and Haseeb Qureshi.

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The cryptocurrency industry demonstrates its generosity by donating millions of dollars to charitable organizations.In May of this year, the encryption project Munch and Elongate jointly raised more than $3 million For various non-profit organizations.Several leading non-profit organizations have also begun accepting cryptocurrency donations, including American Cancer Society, The company announced in January that it had established a $1 million cancer crypto fund to improve its ability to accept donations.