Travala currently accepts Shiba Inu Crypto — SHIB can book 3 million travel products worldwide


The crypto-friendly travel website Travala supports shiba inu cryptocurrency. SHIB is currently accustomed to booking 3 million travel products worldwide, as well as flights, hotels and travel packages at this location.

Travala adds support for Shiba Inu Crypto

Travel website Travala announced on Tuesday that shiba inu cryptocurrency has been linked to its website as a payment method.

The company’s official account congratulated shiba inu supporters on Twitter for winning the token war a few days ago, adding that SHIB is currently listed as a payment method on and may not book more than 3 million Travel products all over the world.

Travala encountered the “token war” between FLOKI and SHIB on December 2. The company explained that the cryptocurrency with the most votes in 72 hours “will win an inventory on”. In addition, “all users of the United Nations agency who vote for any token can get a share of $15,000 in AVA, which can be distributed based on forged votes.”

The voting ended with SHIB as the clear winner.

“We are proud to be the leading cryptocurrency-friendly accommodation booking platform,” Travala’s website states. Currently, users use 77 cryptocurrencies as well as cultural cryptocurrency Dogecoin (DOG) and the newly listed SHIB for payment.

The cryptocurrency-friendly travel website said earlier this month that its total revenue in November was US$7.2 million, a year-on-year increase of 683%. More importantly, 82 of all bookings made in November were paid in cryptocurrency.

The adoption rate of shiba inu encryption has been steadily increasing. In November, the cryptocurrency exchanges Kraken and Gemini supported SHIB. Newegg will simply accept shiba inu payment this month, and AMC Theatres promises to simply accept SHIB within a half month of next year. At the same time, supporters of Shiba Inu are petitioning the favored commercial platform Robinhood to simply accept SHIB. At the time of writing, a total of 544,304 signatures were collected.

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