The vice president said that it will take 6 years for the Baidu Yuanjie app to be fully launched


An executive said that although the app will debut on Monday, Chinese Internet giant Baidu is not expected to fully launch its XiRang Metaverse app anytime soon.

Baidu Vice President Ma Jie believes that there are still “minus six years” before Seirang is fully online, CNBC Report Thursday. He pointed out that the development of the application started in December 2020.

Ma talked about “Creation 2021”, which is Baidu’s upcoming annual developer event. The company advertised it as the first Chinese conference to be held in Yuanspace Space through Xiran. According to reports, during the three-day meeting that started on Monday, the app will process up to 100,000 virtual members interacting with each other using metaverse avatars.

The executive pointed out that Baidu intends to create an open source platform for Metaverse developers to provide construction infrastructure in the virtual world.

Jack Ma said that despite its focus on digital infrastructure, Baidu’s Metaverse application will not support digital currencies or transaction assets related to virtual properties. He added that even though XiRang uses an underlying technology similar to blockchain.The plan meets China re-bans cryptocurrencies Announced in September 2021.

XiRang’s metaverse environment.Source: Pan Daily

One of China’s largest Internet search engine companies, Baidu officially joined the Metaverse industry Apply Apply for the trademark “metapp” in October 2021.The company subsequently Released Its first Metaverse app, XiRang, translated as “Hopeland”, some of the first XiRang virtuals are clearly becoming usable It will be available to users from the beginning of November.

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Baidu is not the only company in China actively developing Metaverse technology, because local giants such as Tencent and Alibaba have already Serving On their projects related to Metaverse. In early November, the China Institute of Modern International Relations, a think tank under the Ministry of National Security of China, was formally established warn Regarding the national security risks of Metaverse, potential political and social issues are cited.