The Square Enix plan includes blockchain, NFT and Metaverse-

Known as one of the top game companies in the world, Square Enix It is ready to explore the potential of new-age technology to advance its growth plan. In the New Year’s speech, Yosuke Matsuda, CEO of Square Enix, reflected the company’s strong interest in entering this field. Blockchain technology, Metaverse, and Irreplaceable tokensIn the letter, the pioneer emphasized the huge potential of the fast-growing Metaverse industry, and supported his idea by mentioning the transformation of Facebook into Meta to enter the field.

The unexpected occurrence of the COVID-19 pandemic opened the door to wider adoption of blockchain and related technologies. Due to restricted mobility, people turn to more digital, accessible, and profitable financial tools and services. Although blockchain technology has existed in this field for more than a decade, NFT and Metaverse have only recently become popular. As celebrities and commercial companies enter the field for revenue, the digital collectibles or NFT market has grown significantly. When Facebook changed its name to Meta to highlight its interest in virtual space, Metaverse became a hot topic.

While talking to the community, Yosuke said that he believes that 2022 will witness Metaverse TechnologyHe believes that users will begin to explore virtual spaces as a way to connect individuals around the world. The use of real-world technology, cloud computing and 5G will support Metaverse’s expansion. The person in charge believes that these technological changes will have a significant positive impact on the company.

This letter attaches equal importance to irreplaceable tokens and game earning projects. According to Yosuke, 2021 is the “first year” for NFT and Metaverse. He added that investors have participated in crazy transactions that are out of sync with market changes throughout the year. Blockchain technology continues to emerge throughout the game field. Square Enix invested in Metaverse by participating in The Sandbox’s $2 million financing event. Pioneer’s letter confirms that the company may double its investment in such technologies. Sandbox is a popular Ethereum-supported Metaverse game portal, which allows users to enjoy an immersive and authentic digital game experience and obtain substantial revenue.

Yosuke’s statement indicated Ubisoft’s reiteration of its plan to explore and expand the NFT and blockchain ecosystem. Andrew Wilson, CEO of electronic game company Electronics Arts, calls NFT and game earning solutions the future of games. The industry is growing exponentially, and with the continuous support of investors, it may win several milestones in the near future.

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