The latest use case of cryptocurrency: music production?

A recent collaboration between two prominent social influencers has produced a device that creates sound (or music) based on the notorious price fluctuations of cryptocurrencies. In a collaboration called this century, Estefannie and Look Mum No Computer (Sam Battle) have joined hands to bring “cryptocurrency measurement music machine to life”.

As a musician, Battle intends to produce a sound against voltage fluctuations caused by price fluctuations in the crypto market.On the other hand, Estefani program A Raspberry Pi device used to read voltage fluctuations to produce relevant sounds.

Fight also shared He worked hard with his followers to build analog synthesizers. In his explanatory video on building an “analog synthesizer music machine”, Estefannie explained:

“This will be a great tool for knowing when to sell and when to buy.”

The end result of their hard work is Show off In an hour-long YouTube video. However, the coin chart used for this particular performance is still a mystery to fans.

Although influential people have discovered a whole new set of possible innovations around the type of encrypted synthesizer, we are far from expecting an epic bass drop soon.

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Similar to the above innovations, Chinese artist Huang Heshan has collaborated with blockchain game company Web3Games to launch NFT-based real estate.

Sell ​​against RMB, investors can Reportedly purchased virtual structures Such as “luxury single-family villas”, 300 high-end units and 1,000 “umbrella” parasols. In addition to the increase in the number of investors, the cryptocurrency field has become the home of the next wave of innovators in all walks of life.