The head of the Iranian Blockchain Association calls for the establishment of a special committee on encryption law

According to Iran’s major blockchain organization, the authorities have been negligent in enforcing cryptocurrency laws. The association is concerned about the government’s inaction and provides assistance to regulators that it believes are insufficiently prepared for such a challenging task.

Abbas Ashtiani Iran Blockchain Association (IBA) stated that Iranian regulators such as the Central Bank of Iran (CBI) cannot supervise digital assets. According to a statement, IBA has requested the establishment of an “independent lawyer” to assume responsibility. report By the Financial Tribune.

At a press conference held on Tuesday, Ashtiani explained;

“We need a special committee composed of representatives of state agencies and private companies to develop cryptocurrency regulations. CBI or securities exchange organization is not qualified [enough] In view of the multidimensional nature of the problem, make rules for cryptocurrencies. “

Although Bitcoin (Bitcoin) Iran allows mining, but does not allow the use of cryptocurrency for payment.However, banks and licensed money changers are allowed to use Iran authorizes miners to pay import fees.

Miners must obtain permission from the Ministry of Industry and pay electricity fees based on export pricing.According to the latest data from earlier this year, there are about 30 companies Has obtained a mining license in the country.

However, the problem of underground mining is still a problem in the country.According to a Cointelegraph report on September 29, the CEO of Tehran Stock Exchange Resign after discovering Bitcoin miner In the basement.

In response to government officials’ concerns about illegal activities related to cryptocurrency mining and trading, Ashtiani stated that the Iranian Blockchain Association understands lawmakers and assures them that their concerns will be resolved:

“We are ready to help formulate rules to help ensure that cryptocurrency has a positive impact on the economy while minimizing criminal activity.”