The encrypted network Ethereum is divided into 2 chains

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In terms of capital, Ethereum, the world’s second largest cryptocurrency network, recently experienced a sequence split because a package error affected a large number of full-node shoppers. During this period, the developer discovered a vulnerability and released an update called “Hades Gamma” to solve this problem. However, a large number of full-node shoppers did not take advantage of patches and network forks.

Old Geth customers forgot to upgrade, and the Ethereum network split into 2

A large number of reports and information from the analytical web portal show that the Ethereum (ETH) blockchain has been split into at least 2 versions because various Geth nodes have not been updated to the correct chain. The Twitter line of the Ethereum network called “Go Ethereum” posted a tweet about the incident on Friday afternoon.

“A chain split occurred on the Ethereum mainnet,” said the Go Ethereum Twitter account. “This issue has been resolved in the previously announced v1.10.8 version. If you have not updated your node, please update your node.”

Etheruem developers discovered a vulnerability and released a patch in time. The patch is called Hades Gamma, and it is definitely “a patch to fix vulnerabilities in the EVM (CVE-2021-39137)”. Of course, the blockchain fork has made it a truly popular speech in the crypto world. For example, film writer Nuzzi wrote on Twitter:

“Ethereum is divided into at least 2 versions, and the third Geth node is in the’correct’ chain. The full impact is not yet clear, but Openethereum may also be indirectly affected. In the past few hours, blocking issues have increased 10%.

Geth customers were told to upgrade before the chain split

More than 70% of the Ethereum network nodes have adopted the previous version of the Geth client. On August 24, the Twitter account Go Ethereum was upgraded and said to the public: “Attention. Geth v1.10.8 has been released, which fixes a security vulnerability in the real-time version of Geth. All Geth users must update. Any details will be provided later. Information to avoid attacks on Ethereum and downstream projects.” Go Ethereum added:

“This issue has been assigned as CVE-2021-39137, and a Github security bulletin (to be inserted later) [has] Printed on [Github].

Andre Cronje, the founder of Yearn Finance, also mentioned this on Twitter. “Forked between the newest Geth on the mainnet and the older Geth,” Cronje said. “Stay away from doing [transactions] Wait for confirmation, unless you are sure you want to submit to the latest Geth. Choosing to take a walk outside, we often need it. “


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