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The Associated Press is hailed as one of the most well-known news platforms in the United States Announce Launch a dedicated market non-fungible token. with this NFT platform, the organization will provide people with a golden opportunity to buy tokenized photos from the news portal and enjoy a secure NFT experience.The company has partnered with top blockchain infrastructure portal Xooa to develop its NFT Market Committed to the rapidly growing digital collectibles industry.

According to the report, the first batch of non-fungible tokens will include photos taken by journalists related to topics such as war, space and climate. The team plans to release NFTs in a few weeks starting January 31, 2022. Tokens will be launched at different prices for buyers so that they can choose a product that suits their investment plans. Tokenized photos will be minted as NFTs on the Polygon blockchain network.The portal will allow for secondary transactions as well as payments via debit or credit card Ethereum.

The Xooa platform is known for creating white label NFT marketplace space for various brands and IP clusters. Zach Danker-Feldman, head of marketing at Xooa, said the partnership will be a powerful integration between the virtual space and the real world.

The new project will also support popular Crypto wallet provider Meta mask and will further expand its coverage to Binance, Fortmatic and Coinbase. The team will be introducing a plethora of unprecedented features to its NFT platform for users in the near future. This will include features such as “exit from other market spaces”, “social media offerings”, “off-chain interactions” for the NFT community. Every two weeks, the portal will announce a “Pulitzer Down” event, which will feature Pulitzer Prize-winning photos. Each token will contain important information about the photo, such as time, date, location, device, technical settings, etc.

Funds collected from NFT sales will be used to fund the AP News program. The team will charge customers a hefty 10 percent fee to facilitate secondary market sales. Earlier in October 2021, The Associated Press partnered with Chainlink Labs to ensure cryptographic verification of data for its U.S. newspaper and broadcast members. In 2020, the company published presidential election results on Ethereum and EOS Blockchain platform. Top news organizations such as CNN have also shown strong interest in cryptocurrencies and NFTs. The CNN news portal launched an NFT project last year called “CNN Vault: Changing Our Moments”. The project marks a series of historic moments in the company’s long history in the field.

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