Terra’s Mirror protocol warns the community against governance attacks


The public blockchain network Terra has confirmed an ongoing fraud attack through an official governance poll on the internal synthetic asset protocol Mirror.

According to Mirror, the attacker launched a poll on Mirror’s official website, proposing to freeze the community pool as a precaution.

according to Voting number: 211, Titled “Freeze the Community Pool in the Event of Fraud”, the scammer proposed to upgrade safer community governance rules just in case. If the hacker managed to get a majority vote in the poll, there would be 25 million MIR tokens (worth At the time of writing, $24.1 million) will be sent to the hacker’s address.

Poll 211 poll results. Source: mirrorprotocol.app

As evidenced by the screenshot above, Mirror’s active approach to warning the community has seen a substantial increase in the number of “no” votes-confirming the safety of funds. According to WuBlockchain, the attacker initiated Proposal 185, disguised as a request to cooperate with Solana, effectively trying to defraud 25 million MIR tokens from the community fund pool.