Survey shows that Ethereum, Bitcoin, and Cardano Square are the most popular cryptocurrencies in Singapore

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A new study shows that among the more than 4,000 adults surveyed in Singapore, Ethereum is the most popular cryptocurrency. The second most standard cryptocurrency is Bitcoin, followed by Cardano.

Singaporean cryptocurrency investors such as Ethereum, Bitcoin, Cardano

Singapore’s new encryption status in 2021, jointly researched by Seedly, Gemini, and Coinmarketcap, was announced on Monday. It contains a survey of 4,348 Singaporean adults between the ages of 18 and 65, all of whom have different housing incomes.

The survey was conducted between June 29 and July 9. This included 2,862 respondents who claimed to be current cryptocurrency holders and 1,486 respondents who claimed to be non-cryptocurrency holders. One-fifth of the cryptocurrency holders surveyed are women.

According to the survey results, 78% of respondents mentioned that they own Ethereum (ETH), 69% mentioned Bitcoin (BTC), 40% mentioned Cardano (ADA), and 31% mentioned Binance Coin (BNB). ) And 25% of the XRP mentioned earlier. The report describes:

“Of the 2,862 cryptocurrency holders, 2,236 of them currently hold ETH. BTC is the second most popular cryptocurrency, with 1,975 cryptocurrency holders holding the cryptocurrency. Ranked third and fourth It is ADA and BNB, which are held by 1,141 and 893 investors, respectively.

The report states: “Because ETH, BTC and ADA are the most important standard cryptocurrencies of each gender, women really hold and trade XRP and DOT [polkadot] More than their male counterparts. USDT [tether]On the other hand, it is an additional standard for male cryptocurrency holders. “

Cryptocurrency investors also revealed that they did not perform well in the Covid-19 pandemic. The report stated that “of the 2,862 people who donated cryptocurrency, some of them have donated additional cryptocurrency due to the Covid-19 pandemic.” The report added: “The Covid-19 pandemic prompted more Singaporeans. Occupy a place in the encryption field.”


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