South Korean company will become the first BSN portal operator outside of China

Jujube Technology, one of the four founding members supported by the Chinese government Blockchain service network (BSN) announced that the South Korean company MetaverseSociety has become the first BSN portal operator outside of mainland China.

On September 1, the Twitter account “BSNbase” broke the news that MetaverseSociety is expected to launch its BSN portal in November this year.

According to the tweet, the Korean portal will allow local developers to “build and run blockchain applications quickly and efficiently” after the BSN goes online.

MetaverseSociety, also known as the MarX project, describes itself as seeking to build “a virtuous ecosystem: a direct connection between non-fungible tokens (NFT) driven value generators and consumers Decentralized finance platform.

The project provides unique token standards for digital asset and NFT issuers, and launched a decentralized exchange to support the exchange of MetaverseSociety tokens.

China announced the launch of its BSN in April 2020. The centralized blockchain network was jointly initiated by the National Information Center, China Mobile, China UnionPay, and Jujube Technology.

Within two months, the project split into two networks, BSN China and BSN International. Red Date is leading the development of BSN International.

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June, Jujube Technology Announce It has completed a US$30 million Series A equity financing. This round of financing was led by Prosperity7Ventures and Kenetic, with the participation of Baida Bank of Switzerland and Bangkok Bank of Thailand.

At that time, Red Date CEO He Yifan asserted, “Only by reducing the cost of building a website to close to zero, the Internet’s “golden age” will become possible.” Add:

“BSN makes the cost of creating and running applications extremely low, and has the additional benefits of multiple frameworks and interoperability, as well as a larger customer base.”