SEBA Bank completes Series B financing to promote the growth of smart banking and full-service digital and traditional assets

FINMA’s licensed Swiss bank Seba has built a seamless, safe and easy-to-use bridge between digital assets and traditional assets, and approved its B round of capital increase at today’s extraordinary general meeting of shareholders. According to the team, SEBA Bank is ready to promote and accelerate its growth strategy.

Guido Bühler, CEO of SEBA Bank said:

“I am very pleased that the strength of SEBA Bank and its performance in 2020 have been recognized by our existing major shareholders and new investors, and led them to participate in the second round of financing. This support will enable us to accelerate the strength of SEBA Bank. Growth because we also plan to expand into new markets in the Middle East and Asia and support US institutional clients.”

All existing major shareholders and new investors from Switzerland, Europe and Asia participated in the financing. With this strategic milestone, SEBA Bank has the ability to further deploy its domestic and international expansion and achieve rapid growth.

SEBA Bank today received equity capital, which will further strengthen its capital base. This new equity will allow the expansion of product and service offerings, increase SEBA Bank’s ability to lend to customers, and begin to use the center established in Switzerland to enter new markets.

Soon after the blockchain law came into effect in Switzerland, SEBA Bank will tokenize its stake in the Series B financing.

This financing was conducted after the completion of our leading integrated digital and traditional investment platform. SEBA Bank will use its unique advantages, including:

  • The safest custody and wallet service with military-grade security solutions
  • Top comprehensive trading platforms for spot, derivatives, credit, etc.
  • An end-to-end tokenization platform that spans the entire life cycle of digital assets and currencies
  • Extensive investment products supported by institutional-level buyer research and discretionary authorization

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