Samsung uses blockchain to tackle climate change——

As a global icon in the field of electronic products, Samsung has established a strategic partnership with blockchain company veritree to support ecological initiatives.In its latest announcementSamsung Electronics America disclosed that the company will plant 2 million mangroves in Madagascar in the next three months to support the veritree platform.Leading blockchain company veritree hired Decentralized ledger technology Support the reforestation plan and verify each planted tree in a carefully planned way.

The news was announced at the CES technology conference in Las Vegas on Monday. veritree is a popular climate solutions portal that uses Blockchain technology Manage the environmental protection projects adopted by the enterprise. The report shows that the tree planting project is an important part of the South Korean conglomerate’s nature-centric action plan, which is specifically designed to promote environmental sustainability. The initiative aims to repair and reduce the level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere through a special plan. The company plans to restore nearly 200 hectares of land and hand over about 1 billion pounds of carbon dioxide within 25 years.

The veritree platform is designed by tentree, a sustainable clothing company, as a planting management portal running on blockchain technology. Tentree has pledged to plant 10 trees for every piece of clothing sold in its ecosystem. The parent company will handle logistics for the new partnership. Veritree will help Samsung enjoy greater transparency throughout the process, including data collection, site management, tree inventory and impact scanning. Tree planters use their mobile phones to track the trees indicated by the sponsor. This creates a digital map for the corresponding digital tree, making the whole process quick.

Speaking of this transaction, Samsung’s head of corporate sustainability, Mark Newton, said that the use of funds for innovative technologies that focus on nature is essential to combat climate change. The team stated that it is well known that mangroves are efficient carbon sinks. Their roots are covered with water, and they capture and store carbon dioxide in the soil.

Samsung will work with local communities in the Mahajanga region of Madagascar to achieve its tree planting goals. Over the years, the area has experienced severe deforestation, and with the new plantation plan, the area may grow well. Experts from Samsung America are taking planned measures to promote sustainable development. The company has started using renewable energy in the United States and recently launched a new smart TV series with an integrated NFT portal. The company prioritizes the use of environmentally friendly technologies to reduce the damage caused by the hazardous activities that entities participate in.

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