RTFKT and Daz 3D collaborate to promote Metaverse NFT

RTFKT Studios announced a partnership with software developer Daz 3D to use their technology to create an immersive 3D avatar for its upcoming non-fungible token or NFT version of CloneX.

Founded by Chris Le, Benoit Pagotto, and Steven Vasilev, RTKFT has been at the forefront of the next-generation sneaker culture, incorporating emerging technologies such as augmented reality, non-fungible tokens, and blockchain identity verification.

Their latest adventure project, a pfp avatar project, will use Daz 3D’s PFP utility kit to expand the possibilities of avatars in a variety of settings, including games, videos, social media, and metaverse.

Daz 3D’s software platform is home to more than 4 million artists and designers worldwide, and their collaboration with RTKFT is expected to be the first of many creations between the two companies in the coming year.

Cointelegraph spoke with Chris Le, co-founder and chief creative officer of RTKFT, to learn more about the reasons behind the Daz 3D collaboration:

“I’ve always been a strong advocate for Utah. It’s important for me to be born and raised here and work with another well-known 3D company from Utah. Not many people know this, but 3D was created by Ed in Utah State invented “Catmull-the co-founder of Pixar and the former president of Walt Disney Animation Studios-at the University of Utah. I think it’s time to continue the torch. “

When talking about the architectural vision of the partnership, Le shared a pleasant comment commonly used in the digital graphics community: “Daz 3D and RTFKT will create Apart from [Utah] teapot. “

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RTFKT showed off their upcoming avatar project to New Yorkers in Times Square this week for the jpeg event NFT NYC that everyone is talking about.

Expected to debut later this month, the highly anticipated Clone X project will include 20,000 avatars, half of which will be available to existing RTFKT holders in a 48-hour pre-sale event, followed by The other half of the open market is auctioned in the Netherlands.

In the second half of our conversation, we asked Le about his views on whether the emerging NFT pfp project will be “ready for the Meta Festival” when it is released.

“Yes. This will open the age of AR/VR experience on another level. People want a place where they can use their NFT, whether it’s in their own Metaverse house, attending a Metaverse party in Metaverse fashion, or being themselves Incarnation.”