Privacy blockchain Dusk has established a $5 million grant program


In recent years, the field of encryption has grown significantly, with various projects using different blockchains as solutions. Dusk Network is a privacy-focused blockchain that now provides projects with the opportunity to apply for funding for Dusk-related work.

“The Dusk funding program is designed to attract (independent) projects, developers, researchers, academics or community organizers who want to accelerate the growth and accessibility of the Dusk Network blockchain platform,” Dusk Say In a public statement on Tuesday. “The plan is open to everyone, but the application needs to be related to Dusk Network.”

The grant plan was first announced in April, with a total amount of 5 million U.S. dollars, which can be used to allocate to various projects. According to the public statement, interested parties must apply for the grant. The application process is divided into six steps, starting with the inquiry form and ending with the employment.

The statement lists some specific project niches that Dusk is interested in allocating grant funds, including mainstream adoption-driven projects.

since Launched the Bitcoin blockchain in 2009After that, various other blockchains appeared, such as Ethereum, and projects can build solutions through these blockchains. Dusk aims to provide a privacy-centric blockchain that projects can use to build.

Dusk’s team is currently responsible for overseeing grants, including approvals, although Dusk plans to set up a specific unit to monitor grants. The statement said: “In the coming year, a newly established governance committee composed of core team members and well-known industry developers will begin to manage the grant program.” The statement added: “This 7-person dedicated team will also manage the network’s The Community Development Fund (CDF) is responsible for ensuring the long-term future of Dusk Network.” “Furthermore, the team hopes to directly govern the network on the chain through a decentralized governance process.”

According to the statement, Dusk has not publicly launched its testnet. Cointelegraph contacted Dusk Network, but did not receive a timely response from the initial release.