Poly cyber hackers appear to be preparing to return stolen funds

Following Large-scale use of the cross-chain protocol Poly Network of US$600 million, Poly Network hackers claimed to be willing to return the stolen cryptocurrency funds.

At around 4:00 UTC on Wednesday, the hacker sent himself an Ethereum transaction. statement They are “ready to return the funds” in the embedded transaction message.

Source: Etherscan

In a subsequent message, the hacker asked for a multi-signature wallet address to return funds to Poly Network. “Poly could not be reached. I need your secure multi-signature wallet,” the hacker famous.

Twitter account of Poly Networks Post Updated on Wednesday to provide three separate wallet addresses for hackers to send stolen funds back to the network. “We are preparing a multi-signature address controlled by a known Poly address,” Poly Network famous In the message embedded in the hacker’s Ethereum transaction address.

The cross-chain developer project O3 Labs stated that the people behind the large-scale decentralized finance (DeFi) vulnerabilities of the Poly Network may be white hat hackers.

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“It is already a legend to be able to win so much wealth. Saving the world will become an eternal legend. I made the decision to stop using DAO,” another message from the hacker Say.

On Tuesday, the Poly Network suffered a major attack, removing assets from the Ethereum, Binance Chain, and Polygon network. This attack is worth 600 million U.S. dollars and is the largest DeFi attack to date.

The increasing popularity of DeFi has made the industry an attractive target for hackers. According to an April report by crypto research company Messari, The DeFi agreement lost approximately $285 million Hacking and other attacks since 2019.