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and non-fungible token Become an investor’s “favorite” candy, NFT market People like OpenSea have had some pioneering successes in their ecosystem. In the latest development, the trading volume of the well-known NFT trading platform OpenSea will exceed $6 billion in January 2022, if the growth trend continues to improve its earnings. With this achievement, the first month of the new year 2022 will open new doors for success in the OpenSea market space as it will successfully set new benchmarks, breaking previous records set in the field.

According to the report, as of January 10, 2022, NFT transaction volume on OpenSea was $2.1 billion, which is surprisingly more than half of the volume in August 2021. The platform recorded its highest trading volume of $3.5 billion in August, making it one of the biggest profitable months for the team. The surge in trading volume can be attributed to the new PhantaBear NFT collection launched by the platform. Over the past 7 days, the project has seen a whopping 17,124.79 ETH or $53 million in sales. In second place was the Bored Ape Yacht Club with sales of $16,657.78 or $51.5 million.

CryptoSlam’s data report shows that the Doodles series is the sales winner in all NFT market spaces. The series had $56 million in sales over the past seven days. However, it currently ranks third in OpenSea’s trading volume. The rising number of active users is also a reason for the success of NFT portals. That number hit 260,369 compared to December’s all-time high of 362,679. Trading volumes have soared for the sixth consecutive month, with global trading volumes successfully breaking $4B over the past 30 days.

Since the beginning of the new year, there has been a resurgence of interest in the NFT market as trading volumes across all portals have grown steadily. Total daily sales reached nearly 15,671 products on Jan. 1 and 36,041 by Jan. 8. The highest monthly sales occurred on January 10, when 29,921 NFTs were traded. The NFT market space is growing well, and the coming months are likely to witness further expansion of the space, with more companies and projects joining the industry.

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