NFT innovator HODL Assets acquires blockchain social commerce company CoinLinked

HODL Assets, a non-fungible token (NFT) aggregation platform, has announced the acquisition of CoinLinked, a blockchain-based social network and business platform.

According to news released on Wednesday, Wall Street veteran and CoinLinked founder Jenny Ta will also join the HODL Assets team as COO.

The acquisition of CoinLinked is part of HODL Assets’ broader plan, which aims to increase its influence in the field of non-fungible tokens by launching an NFT market called the HODL platform.

According to reports, HODL’s new NFT platform will provide gaming and social networking features for the ever-expanding NFT space. The acquisition of CoinLinked may be related to these plans. Ta previously told Cointelegraph that the blockchain social network platform is a “The merger of Twitter, Instagram and Amazon.

In an interview with Cointelegraph, Ta said that NFT may become the “killer application” of Web 3.0, just as e-commerce and social media dominate the current Internet architecture. He said:

“NFT is definitely the next step in the disintermediation of the Internet, because the era when people demand their assets has arrived, which is natural. The Internet is about getting public attention and the ever-changing flow of information, while NFT is about getting personal attention , Is a static snapshot of time.”

Therefore, the HODL platform hopes to integrate the CoinLinked process to provide functions that are not currently shown in other NFT markets. As part of the announcement, the company expressed its vision to make NFT mainstream.

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Ta detailed a possible roadmap for widespread adoption of non-fungible tokens, and identified social media and gaming as intermediate steps to make NFT more accessible.

As previously reported, NFT games, especially games earned by games, are Popular around the world.

According to the founder of CoinLinked and the COO of the new HODL Assets, the integration of NFT and social media on the blockchain will create a platform that will change the dynamics of digital content ownership.

After acquiring CoinLinked, HODL Assets also plans to move from South Africa to the United States.