NFT in space, CryptoPunks no longer exists, Ernst & Young is involved

A small step for NFT…

The two companies have teamed up to record the composer Claude Debussy’s “moonlight“On July 28, to and from the International Space Station, it was reported that this marked the first time a non-fungible token (NFT) orbited the earth.

The orbital NFT expedition is the product of a collaboration between Artemis Music Entertainment and the space service company Nanoracks LLC. Casting Approximately 90 minutes after the hard drive stores the file in an orbit of the earth, the orbit serves as an irreplaceable token.

“The cosmic perspective of space has inspired a shift in human cognition,” said Bob Richards, co-founder of Artemis Music, adding:

“‘Clair de Lune’ may inspire as much awe and surprise as space travelers experience.”

Clair de Lune was published by Debussy in 1905. The tokenized interpretation records the classic performance recorded by Hong Kong pianist Wing-Chong Kam on July 19, 2021.

Richards stated that Artemis plans to sell NFTs in the future, adding that the funds will be transferred to the Artemis Music Foundation to support future space programs.

Debussy’s work was not the only NFT that entered orbit on July 28. Micah Johnson’s tokenized artwork depicts a person called “A generation“It was also transmitted by Artemis from the space station on the same day.

Forgotten Cryptopunk

Jereon Hesp, the founder of Masterpiece in the NFT market, shared data and revealed four wallets, which contained 342 precious CryptoPunks, which had not been active for at least three years.

Hesp suggested that the address owner may have lost the key or misplaced the wallet: “If you have so many punks and haven’t sold one yet, it may mean you can’t access the wallet.”

Despite—or perhaps because of—their rough, pixelated appearance, the groundbreaking NFT has seen a tremendous appreciation in value since the launch of CryptoPunks in June 2017, with only 110 transactions driving more than $16.5 million The value of CryptoPunks transactions in the past 24 hours.

EY OpsChain is used to create NFT

Italian blockchain startup CinTech has created irreplaceable tokens to celebrate 22 main scenes in Italian movies in 2012. The legend of Caspar Kasser.

The token is Cast Use EY OpsChain, which is the blockchain-as-a-service product of Ernst & Young (EY), the big four accounting firm. Ernst & Young employees assist in formulating NFT’s sales process and strategy.

The founders of CinTech Renato Pezzi, Jacopo and Nicolo Lucignano stated that part of the revenue from the token sale will be used to fund a documentary about the non-fungible token industry.

Ernst & Young’s Giuseppe Perrone said: “We are proud to support a new and innovative way to advance the value of the film industry.

Unified decentralized governance

The NFT market Unifty decentralized its governance by introducing a dual-token economy. On August 3, the platform announced Its native NIF token will now be used exclusively for governance and has introduced new utility tokens for fee payments and other use cases.

New UNT tokens will be issued to NIF equity holders as rewards, and users can receive further UNT rewards for participating in the governance process of the project. Markus Bopp, CTO of Unifty, stated:

“Decentralization should always be the answer to cryptocurrency. It may not be right at the beginning, when the project was still very young, and its success largely depends on excellent execution and the vision of the founding team, but this should be the ultimate goal .”

Unifty currently runs on Ethereum, Polygon, Binance Smart Chain, Celo, xDai and Avalanche.

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In other NFT news, the United Nations (UN) announced plans to tokenize the work of young artists Addressing topics related to climate changeTo promote the plan, the organization chose to build an NFT market on top of the Polkadot Parachain Unique.

Dapper Labs announced that it will sell the exclusive NBA Top Shot NFT from a physical kiosk in the Thomas & Mack Center in Las Vegas during the NBA Summer League games this weekend. NFT will be the first Top Shot moment to be sold in a live NBA basketball game.

The leading NFT market, OpenSea, is expanding its dominance in the field, and daily transaction volume is now exploding to exceed the sum of all transactions executed on the platform in 2020.Daily OpenSea transaction volume increases More than 650 times Since 2020.

Earlier this week, Polygonpunks, the Polygon-based CryptoPunks clone project, was removed from the OpenSea market. OpenSea’s Nate Chastain’s comments indicate that these tokens may have been deleted At the request of the creator of CryptoPunks, Larva Lab.