New Year’s Resolutions for Insiders in the Crypto Industry


As the new year approached, people began to think about how to make 2022 better than 2021. Government policymakers and market actions have high hopes for cryptocurrency in the coming year. It is no wonder that some people in the cryptocurrency industry have made ambitious resolutions for the new year and how they will help shape a better industry.

Governments have taken measures to increase the global adoption rate of blockchain technology by the end of 2021. Australia, Kazakhstan, Brazil and Eastern Caribbean Launched or disclosed their plans for the Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC).U.S. Senate Heard testimony from executives of crypto companies In December, the Thai government vowed to release Crypto regulatory framework By 2022.

As for the bull market, no one really knows what will happen.Some analysts believe that four years The market cycle has been broken, Indicating that the bull market will continue until 2022. However, despite the strength of Ether, the bearish signal still exists (Ethereum) And altcoins provide a stronger reason for the argument this time, Things are different.

Several industry participants shared their thoughts on New Year’s resolutions with Cointelegraph. They range from education and inspiration to healthcare issues. They even put forward the idea of ​​Global Meta Festival GDP.

Bobby Ong, CoinGecko

Bobby Ong, the co-founder of CoinGecko, also shared his determination for the new year. Like others in the industry, Ong believes that education is one of the keys to the adoption of cryptocurrency. He told Cointelegraph that his biggest ambition is to see the industry use education to help users protect their digital assets.

Considering that as of December 2021, the damage caused by security breaches exceeded US$149 million, his concerns about user safety are justified. Severe finance, Badger DAO, Single X, Shade Finance and Shengteng EXAt the time of publication, there is about a week left this month to disclose other violations. Weng said:

“I hope to see more people educate themselves on encryption security in 2022. Due to poor security practices, too many new users have lost cryptocurrencies and NFTs. I hope that more projects and companies can follow best practices. Educate their users.”

He went on to talk about how he believes that crypto users—both new and old users—need to obtain as much information and education as possible: “Our motivation for doing this is to help users understand the crypto world, and we hold this view. Everything that is tokenized will be tokenized.”

Yat Siu, Animoca Brands

Animoca co-founder and chairman Yat Siu stated that his goal is to see the Metaverse niche market mature in 2022.His ambitious goals for the new year include pushing Metaverse to global recognition, which may bring The evolutionary significance of non-fungible tokens, Or NFT, so is the market.

It’s safe to say that Metaverse is closer to mainstream adoption than ever, thanks in large part to Mark Zuckerberg and MetaSiu and Animoca are one of the largest investment companies in NFT and Metaverse, and they count on the continued expansion of these markets.

Animoca has a wonderful 2021, especially in the last few months of the company Increased its treasury value From 2.9 billion U.S. dollars in September to 15.9 billion U.S. dollars at the end of November, a five-fold increase. As the latest winner of the Deloitte Hong Kong Fast Technology Award, Animoca may have the motivation to continue to succeed in 2022. Xiao said that his New Year’s resolutions are:

“Helping to build an open meta-universe with such an important GDP that the closed meta-universe is forced to open up in the same way as the free trade and open global economy. We are no longer defined by numbers as’users’, but have real digital ownership A citizen of the Metaverse.”

Pradeep Goel, Solve.Care

Next, Pradeep Goel, CEO of Solve.Care’s blockchain-based healthcare platform, shared his thoughts on what can be done in 2022 to improve the crypto space. The utilization rate of the telemedicine field that Solve.Care is involved in has increased by 63 times by 2021. according to To the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

Especially for elderly patients and patients with mobility impairments who cannot easily see a doctor regularly, the practicability of telemedicine services has been enriched in the past 20 months through the COVID-19 pandemic. Solve’s position as a leader in encrypted telemedicine will help launch its global telemedicine exchange and various other services, which Goel hopes will help users get the medical services they need. Goel told Cointelegraph:

“I hope that in 2022, we will see greater utility and adoption of cryptocurrencies, especially in the healthcare industry. Not only can they be used as payment currencies, they can also be programmed to simplify and facilitate patient, Seamless interaction between stakeholders such as healthcare providers, government agencies, and insurance companies.”

Jen Buakew, to the Lunar Lab

Jen Buakaew, founder of the growth accelerator To the Moon Lab, hopes that in 2022, it will be easier for laymen who want to explore its possibilities to enter the crypto space. In her experience at crypto conferences, many people were confused by the multi-million-dollar NFT and the technical jargon thrown by industry experts. She said: “These things usually mean nothing to people, except to make them feel that encryption success is out of reach.”

In her view, people who are interested in joining the industry as traders, entrepreneurs or professionals do not have enough support systems to help them achieve their goals when they choose to join the industry. She believes that lack of support prevents some people from contributing valuable opinions in the first place. Buakaew said:

“My New Year’s resolution is to show them the easiest way so that they can benefit from being part of a decentralized economy, thereby incentivizing as many people as possible to enter the cryptocurrency field. I want to change this statement or ordinary people Mentality, especially for those unfortunate demographics,’If Jane can do it, then we can do it too.'”