New report reveals the top exchanges dominated by the highest trading volume in three years

recent data According to a report from the market analysis company CryptoCompare, according to the company’s analysis model, the spot trading volume of the six leading cryptocurrency exchanges throughout August hit a three-year high.

This indicator ranks all cryptocurrency exchanges in multiple fields—including legal/regulatory cases, data availability, security, and market quality—and ranks them in the list accordingly.

Popular exchanges Coinbase, Gemini, Kraken, CrossTower, Bitstamp and itBit all received AA ratings during August, with scores ranging from 86.26 to 75.28.

The report concluded: “In August, top spot trading volume increased by 43.6% to 240 million U.S. dollars, while low-level spot trading volume increased by 10.4% to 218 billion U.S. dollars. Top exchanges now account for 91.7% of total spot trading volume.”

Although the data shows that the three-month spot trading volume reported by Binance has increased by 65%, the leading figure is $751B, but prominent regulatory issues in many jurisdictions around the world mean that the exchange is clearly omitted from the above list, ranking 23rd The bit score is 65.12.

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In terms of transaction volume, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges have a bit of docking in terms of asset quality/diversity and negative reports, but they perform quite well in terms of data provision, and are tied for third place in terms of security.

Two months ago, Binance was ordered by the British Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) Suspend all trading activities Until the successful conclusion of the investigation of the exchange license and subsequent trading operations.

In response, the exchange announced that “FCA UK’s notice has no direct impact on the services provided on Binance.”