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you Worldwide Launch the latest product: Cloud Minting Project, participate Token Minting.

The advantage it offers is that the purchase program can provide you with lease contract For the hardware that will generate the token.The hardware completes all the work, as a customer, you will receive a period of free tokens 900 days.

Let’s take a closer look at what it is and whether it is a wise purchase.

What is your global

WEWE Global is a platform of DIGITECH WORLDWIDE INC, which promotes products and services that can be purchased by payment. Bitcoin, Ethereum Or use their own you Virtual token. There are also services of other companies, WEWE Global can accept cryptocurrency payments through these services. Services such as: travel vouchers for discounts, trading signals, encrypted mortgages, and more frequently added services.

As the services of other companies, these services can also be obtained directly from these companies. So why choose to get them through WEWE Global? Because at WEWE Global, you can:

-Use cryptocurrency to pay

– Get a discount

– Share products and get rewards

Cooperation with LYOFi

WEWE Global does not provide services, but an intermediary between services and end customers. To this end, it has established partnerships with other companies and projects.For the Cloud Minting Program, it has been Lofi.

LYOFi is an encryption platform for casting, liquidity, agriculture and mortgage services. It is the brand of Difei Group Co., Ltd.

The first service released by LYOFi is the minting of tokens, which is exclusively provided to its partner WEWE Global, where you can access and start using it.

What is coinage?

Mint Is a form of cryptocurrency mining Space proofDue to this work, tokens go from the total supply to the circulating supply.

To start casting, you need hardware. Usually, people who perform these operations must first purchase hardware, set it up, and then manage it before continuing to work. Managing hardware is not simple: it is a machine that must be assembled and controlled because it is easy to heat up and requires regular maintenance. It also takes up space, if you want to mint a lot of coins, you need to find a suitable place to put all the hardware.

With Cloud Minting Program, you can perform casting with just one click.

Cloud Minting Project

WEWE Global has several projects with costs ranging from US$500 to US$100,000. There are also $100 and $300 promotional plans that are only available in certain countries.

You can rent a whole piece of hardware (price is $5,000)-part of it, or several pieces of hardware. Choose a program and pay in cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, Ethereum or WEWE. After purchase, the system will generate your lease contract and it will take effect within 10 days. After that, your hardware will start minting tokens.

Minting is now set up for you Lake Credit (Leo) Tokensecond. Within 900 days, you will receive free tokens from your Cloud Minting Program.

LYOCREDIT, why should I get it?

Today, the cloud minting program is dedicated to minting LYOCREDIT (LYO) tokens.

LYO is a Utility token. Use it to mortgage, buy and sell products and services, pay transaction fees at discounted prices, as well as e-commerce, crowdfunding, credit card payments, etc. Its total supply is 250 million units.

This means that when the mortgage service is active, the LYO you get from the minting will be available for mortgage. LYO also has Repurchase and destruction strategies, Displayed on their website to support Long-term value growth and price stability After the token is listed and traded. It looks like a token with huge growth potential!

Share if you like it

You can also purchase and share the Cloud Minting Program with others. Owned by WEWE Global Recommend Marketing System Those who promote products and bring new customers to the platform will be rewarded. This recommended marketing system provides career planning for those who want to become digital entrepreneurs and promote different products that support the use of cryptocurrencies. For those who do not have such a career plan, they can still use the existing services and start sharing with friends to get rewards, almost recovering the cost of purchasing their cloud coin plan!

WEWE Global has a vibrant community consisting of people, customers and promoters who are satisfied with the services provided.

Be sure to check out the project on social media and learn about the growth of the project for yourself. With the arrival of the Cloud Minting Program, the project is growing exponentially.

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