Marvel and DC Bar comic artists sell superhero NFT

Marvel and DC seem to be breaking the established tradition of allowing creators and artists to sell original prints of published works, as they plan to enter the field of non-fungible tokens (NFT).

According to Bloomberg, these two comic books have prohibit The artists sell the NFTs of the characters they created for the company.

According to reports, both Marvel and DC plan to use their large collection of comic art in the ever-expanding NFT scene, which may be a new market for selling collectibles.

In fact, Marvel has entered the NFT field and started selling digital collections of Spider-Man characters as early as August.

By blocking artists Sell ​​derivative works based on their comic creation, Companies like Marvel and DC may exclude creators from important sources of income.

In fact, due to the success of derivative media (such as Hollywood movies based on superheroes), there is indeed some controversy for not paying large fees to comic artists.

However, Bloomberg reported that Marvel plans to provide artists and creators with secondary income-generating opportunities on the VeVe platform.

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The sale of NFTs by Marvel and DC is part of a broader trend, involving the interaction of major franchise rights with irreplaceable token spaces.

The NFT market has risen from a humble crypto niche market to a compelling area in the ever-expanding digital economy.

Corporate brands have begun to target the NFT field By launching digital collectibles and acquiring popular NFTs. In August, the card payment giant Visa invested approximately $150,000 on Crypto Punk #7610.

However, the large-scale growth in the summer months seems to have greatly diminished, with NFT transaction volume on OpenSea dropped by 50% As Cointelegraph previously reported.

In addition to trading activities, the sales and reserve prices of “Blue Chip NFT” have also increased. September plunge.