Is it mass adoption here?Expert answers, part 2


Sameep is the founder of QuickSwap. QuickSwap is a decentralized exchange on Polygon that allows users to exchange, earn, stack income, borrow, borrow, and leverage on a decentralized, community-driven platform.

“My answer here is similar to the previous one. Absolutely — DeFi has experienced massive growth in 2020 and 2021. More and more people realize the importance of making money work for them. Institutional and retail investors are beginning to bet Pay their cryptocurrency to earn more income, but as more people and robots start to use various blockchain networks, these networks become crowded and gas bills (some of them) soar. These rising Cost makes the barriers to entry too high for those with only a small amount of work.

Just like encryption itself, in order for DeFi to continue to be adopted, well-known trusted protocols need to be launched on side chains that provide low transaction costs, such as Polygon. We have already seen several behemoths like Aave and Compound appear in 2021, and they bring a lot of liquidity and users. As more and more big players accept the interoperability and functionality of multi-chain, gas fees will drop across the board, which will give more people the opportunity to adopt cryptocurrency and DeFi. “


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