Iota 2.0’Nectar’ DevNet goes live to achieve complete decentralization


With the launch of Nectar DevNet by the Iota Foundation, the roadmap for Iota 2.0 has reached another milestone.

in a Blog post The Iota developers announced the announcement of Nectar DevNet in the news released on Wednesday, which is an important part of the preparations for the release of IOTA 2.0 at the end of 2021.

Nectar DevNet followed closely Pupa upgrade And is an extension Pollen Test Net released in June 2020. Iota 2.0 DevNet lays the foundation for the transition to the no-cost, permission-free and fully decentralized Tangle network.

According to the announcement, the absence of a central coordinator is one of the main elements of Nectar DevNet.In fact, in Iota 2.0, the legacy The coordinator system will be replaced by the decentralized Coordicide.

As early as February 2020, hackers attacked Trinity, Iota’s native wallet, stealing approximately US$2 million and causing Network downtime lasting for nearly a month To prevent the attack from causing further damage.

Since the Trinity wallet was hacked, Iota has moved forward as planned with the transition to full decentralization and the emergence of incentive Coordicide. According to the press release, the Iota Foundation revealed that Nectar will rely on network consensus verification, and honest nodes will receive Mana tokens as a reward.

In addition to no-fee transactions and complete decentralization, Nectar Iota 2.0 DevNet’s tokenization capability is another major feature. This research prototype provides the first opportunity to create digital assets (such as utility “coins” and non-fungible tokens) on the Iota network.

Nectar also has a modular architecture that allows developers to implement specific bug fixes and updates on isolated modules.

Commenting on the release of Nectar DevNet, Dominik Schiener, co-founder of the Iota Foundation, called the Iota 2.0 research prototype a “game changer.” According to Schiener, Iota developers are eager to receive useful feedback on Nectar’s features in order to prepare for the major update of Coordicide.