Internet Computer will release 10,000 free NFTs for the first time

Dfinity’s Internet Computer announced the release of 10,000 irreplaceable tokens or NFTs. Users are eligible to receive free tokens at 8pm UTC Wednesday.

Conceptualized by brothers Przemek and Tomasz Chojecki and Adam Stępnik, the three were inspired to create these avatars after comparing the acronyms of the hip-hop duo Insane Clown Posse in the 90s and the overwhelming success of the legendary Cryptopunk NFT.

After a series of exclusive early releases, only 3,000 punks are expected to be claimed at the time of release, one for each user.

Cointelegraph talked to Przemek Chojecki, the co-founder of the project, about his expectations for the decline of NFT:

“We are very excited about the launch of ICPunks on Internet computers. The NFT space is evolving at such a rapid rate and it is great to be a part of it. We have many plans for ICPunks, including an NFT market, which is moving towards this goal The first step.”

Internet Computer is an encrypted currency token (ICP) that allows users to build applications, websites, and digital services.

Community members have created alternatives to popular social media networks, including Linkedin, Medium, Whatsapp, and community-driven websites such as Reddit.

According to the most recent tweet, ICPunk’s decline has attracted significant attention from the crypto community. Since the launch of the NFT website, analysis data has reported 89,000 visitors.

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We also spoke with Chojecki about the recent Dfinity partnership:

“Since 2017, we have been following the work of DFINITY. We believe that Internet computers are the best solution for NFT. One of the benefits of Internet computers is that all information is stored on the chain. No need to use IPFS or dedicated web servers to host Image. This is indeed a decentralized NFT solution.”

this NFT market Following the outstanding list of well-known brands, celebrities and public figures who have contributed to the field, the company has achieved extraordinary growth in the past year.

Last week we Report Credit card giant Visa issued a statement that NFT purchased Cryptopunk worth $150,000.

This week, Japanese tennis star Naomi Osaka Announce NFT tokens collected before the US Open Championship.