Explain why hardware wallets may not provide as much protection as you think

The problems faced by hardware wallets are by no means unique to the crypto industry.

In many industries around the world, many industries have critical systems. They face the same challenge: stay up-to-date and strengthen protection against attacks from people trying to infiltrate.

Every government runs critical systems—except for the military, hospitals, aerospace agencies, nuclear power plants, airports, chemical plants, unmanned train networks, banks, and stockbrokers.

If these critical systems are compromised, the consequences can be severe. If critical systems in the hospital are in danger, or if hackers successfully target air traffic control in major transportation hubs, lives may be in danger. In an increasingly digital world, millions of people may be affected by a malicious actor pressing the Enter key.

The number of high-profile incidents continues to increase. Earlier this year, Kaseya’s system was compromised, affecting thousands of companies. Supermarkets in Sweden were forced to close because their cash registers stopped working and the train stopped.

ZeconDual positions itself as a solution for critical systems that need to be 100% resilient to cyber attacks.

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