Even single families in my city have received a certain amount of Bitcoin: Mayor Jason Stewart

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Jayson Stewart hinted that Cool Valley residents may need to keep HODL funds for 5 years.

The politician of Cool Valley, Missouri mentioned that he is exploring the provision of $1 million worth of Bitcoin to the city’s 1,500 residents.

In an interview with the St. Louis news media KSDK on Thursday, the politician Jayson Stewart mentioned that he needs to imagine that “every family in my city will receive a certain level of Bitcoin.” Stewart mentioned that these The funds may come from some “very affiliated donors”, but it has not been possible to rule out the cash that was injured in the government’s pandemic relief response to the joint venture.

The politician failed to specify the proportion of Bitcoin (BTC) cities that are going to be distributed to each resident, but it can be any amount no more than $1,000-approximately $1.5 million, or equivalent to 30 bitcoins at the time of release Currency. However, he also hinted that this funding may require residents of Cool Valley to HODL for 5 years.

“What I want to worry about most is that someone just sells their Bitcoin to pay for their car bill, and then once the Bitcoin reaches $500,000 after these years, they will regret it,” Stewart mentioned.

He added:

“I think this is essentially the most effective way to satisfy [everyone’s] The basic desire-to bring Bitcoin into the hands of the individuals who can use it best. “

Stewart’s Bitcoin plan is similar to that of Andrew Yang, the 2020 US presidential candidate. Yang supports providing every American with a monthly basic economic benefit of US$1,000, or UBI. Although he was not nominated by the Democratic Party, UBI is usually under the spotlight of the media and apparently received firm support.

Legislators in other cities in the United States have also adopted a policy stance that supports cryptocurrency. Since 2017, the Miami politician Francis Suarez has planned to allow residents to pay taxes in Bitcoin and mentioned that his goal is to give the city “the most advanced encryption law.”

As the information from Cointelegraph Markets Pro shows, Bitcoin was valued at US$48,710 at the time of its release, but it has been as high as US$49,000 earlier.


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