El Salvador purchased 21 additional bitcoins to celebrate the 20th day, year, and century


El Salvador, the country that created the Bitcoin exchange medium, has purchased 21 additional Bitcoins to celebrate “the last 21st days of the 21st century,” President Naibukler announced. The country brought a total of 1,391 bitcoins.

El Salvador buys extra bitcoins

El Salvador’s President Naib Bukler announced on Tuesday that his country has purchased additional bitcoins.

His statement began with a tweet: “The total area of ​​El Salvador is 21,000 square kilometers. Coincidence? I don’t think so!” He then posted a series of tweets, which read as follows:

Today is the last twenty days of the twenty-first century. At 21:00… we tend to buy 21 bitcoins for this occasion. I held the acquisition until 21:21:21.

El Salvador has been accumulating bitcoins since it created a bitcoin trading medium on the U.S. dollar in September. Together with the latest purchase, it bought a total of 1,391 bitcoins.

Before the Bitcoin law came into effect, El Salvador purchased 400 Bitcoins. Then the country purchased another 300 BTC. President Booker announced at the time that El Salvador currently owns 700 Bitcoins.

In October, the country purchased another 420 BTC. In November, the country purchased another 100 bitcoins. The latest huge purchase was the purchase of 150 BTC at the beginning of December, turning the entire purchase amount into 1,370 BTC. Adding the 21 BTC purchased on Tuesday, the total purchase amount is 1,391 BTC.

At the same time, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) in El Salvador opposed the mistreatment of Bitcoin as a medium of exchange. One day, when President Buckler announced that he planned to build a “Bitcoin City” powered by a volcano and backed by Bitcoin bonds, the warning came.

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