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With the constant growth in popularity, business volume, and earnings, cryptocurrencies took the title of the ‘Hottest Trendsetter’ in 2021 across the global financial space. The outbreak of the deadly coronavirus in 2020 brought a huge setback for the economy and made people switch to new forms of user-friendly investment infrastructure like cryptocurrencies. The bullish market trend encourages people to invest in virtual currencies and earn additional profits without bothering about security breaches or fraudulent intrusions from unverified channels.

Surprisingly, where cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology were only seen as a financial tool earlier, today they have expanded their presence in almost every industry. The list includes education, healthcare, supply chain, online gaming, government institutions, etc. While every sector has utilized blockchain and crypto well, the online gaming or e-gaming sector has taken this integration a notch higher than others. The scope of online gaming skyrocketed with the use of blockchain technology as it gave a new life to the ‘Play-to-Earn’ trend . A major push came from the fast-developing cluster of Non-Fungible Tokens that played a significant role in linking gaming platforms with blockchain technology. Thus, opening new opportunities for gaming firms as well as gamers.

Today, we can find a plethora of online gaming portals offering a wide range of games and earning features. One such renowned platform is ‘GemUni’. Let’s read about it in detail here:

About GemUni

GemUni is a blockchain-focused NFT gaming platform that aims to disrupt the flourishing gaming industry by integrating crypto with a powerful gaming interface. It allows fans can access a revolutionary Play-to-Earn structure on GemUni that satisfies the diverse requirements of the global online gaming hub. The firm successfully launched its Initial DEX Offering and token listing in 2022 to further expand its operations. The IDO was hosted on GameFi, Red Kite, and KrystalGo. The native GENI tokens were sold within an hour and were then listed on PancakeSwap and KyberSwap.

The gaming interface allows players to access thousands of crypto games without stepping out of the core gaming ecosystem. Where a majority of NFT DApps support only one game, GemUni offers a wide range of options to choose from. One can find two types of games on GemUni- Casual and Signature. The platform strives to offer an enriched gaming experience that suits everyone’s gaming style. The casual games are easy and can be played by all irrespective of the age factor. These include games from a variety of fields like puzzles, sports , etc. On the other hand, signature games are an advanced version and suitable for experienced players. Each signature game has its native token that works as a reward.

The users need to have a GENI Pass NFT to access the gameverse. The NFTs are divided into five individual levels namely Stone, Topaz, Citrine, Ruby, and Diamond, A game ticked is issued with each pass that can be used per day. The level of the pass decided the earning rate for the players. The firm is likely to announce its NFT marketspace for collectibles and in-game products in the first quarter. The other features such as GemUni Launchpad for IGOs ​​and INOs, DAO treasury, and Side -Chain are likely to come in the next quarter.


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