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Tired of the typical theme park experience? Well, Disney Enterprise can offer you something special from its piggyback. Yes! ! ! ! That is an exclusive theme park “Metaverse” that combines technology and fun to unleash the power of exciting entertainment. As America’s premier multinational entertainment and media conglomerate, Disney has been granted a patent to build a “virtual world simulator” that will provide the Disney community with an unparalleled experience.

New joint venture will reportedly allow Disney theme park visitors to explore through magic Metaverse Ecosystem. The patent will help the team create personalized interactive attractions for people visiting the park. The technology will provide headset-free augmented reality (AR) attractions at Disneyland. Virtual technology will track visitors through their phones, then generate and project personalized 3D images onto the park’s multiple physical spaces, walls and objects. The device will track individual park visitors to create personalized projections, so one family will see Mickey Mouse greet them while another sees Harry Potter waiting for them.

Disney filed for approval with the USPTO in July 2020. However, final approval was recently obtained on December 28, 2021. With this, Disney is poised to enter the rapidly diversifying Metaverse technology pool to become a hot spot for global companies. The Metaverse’s fan list includes top companies like Meta (early Facebook), which changed their names to highlight their interest in the industry.

New-age technology coincides with Disney’s goal of depicting stories to visitors in a “three-dimensional canvas.”This is made by CEO Bob Chapek During the fourth quarter earnings call. Pioneer said the team looks forward to integrating the physical and digital worlds into the Disney Metaverse to enhance the storytelling experience for guests. The company has no current plans to use the simulator, officials said. The patent focuses on creating a shared virtual world experience without any device, such as a phone. Use of wearable AR devices requires ongoing hygiene to ensure safe procedures in the age of COVID-19.

The company has 12 theme parks in the United States, Hong Kong, Paris, Japan, China and other countries. In 2021, Disney will generate $17 billion in gross revenue from its theme parks despite the pandemic crisis. The company insists on using the latest technology to provide rich entertainment to its customers.

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