Dapper Labs becomes the first NFT company registered to lobby the US government

Dapper Labs is located in Vancouver and offers a variety of NFT-based products and dapps. These include Games or something Encrypted cat, Where players can breed and raise NFT kittens, and Cheese Wizard, A tournament series where collectors can fight each other.In addition, Dapper Labs is Cooperation with NBA And is responsible for the Top Shot of the NFT market Selling bright spots From the basketball game. UFC also collaborated with Dapper Labs, Provide similar services in the near future.

According to the announcement, Dapper Labs has recruited Crossroads Strategies as its lobbying company. The company reports that it will lobby for “policies related to NFT, blockchain and financial services.” In addition to recruiting lobbying companies, Dapper Labs also hired Alison Kutler as its new head of government affairs in November 2021. Kutler served as Special Advisor to the Director and Chairman of the Consumer and Government Affairs Bureau from June 2015 to 2015. April 2017.

According to Dapper Labs’ public disclosure on Tuesday, January 4, 2022, the day after its official registration, Cutler also registered lobbying on behalf of Dapper Labs.

According to its spokesperson Rachel Rogers (Rachel Rogers), Dapper Labs did not disclose its intentions, but did express its desire to promote “Web3 education and mainstream adoption.”

As NFTs increasingly participate in mainstream culture, lobbyists are optimistic about future policies.In any case, lobbyists and policymakers must continue Responding to the impact of blockchain technology Regarding future regulations.

Through public disclosure on January 3, 2022, Dapper Labs becomes the first NFT company authorized by the federal government Register Lobbying the U.S. government.These are multiple names in the crypto industry that are currently in play Step onto the floor of Congress Explain the new technology and hope to influence the new policy.