Crypto social governance will lead to online freedom

Since Facebook, the phrase “everything must be modest, including moderation” has taken on a new meaning Outsourcing Responsible for content review to its supervisory committee after the violent incident event The incident occurred on January 6, 2021 at the US Capitol. Facebook’s supervisory committee was formally established on October 22, 2020. The committee was first conceived as Facebook’s “Supreme Court” in November 2018 for public appeals.

Since then, the supervisory committee has overturned many of Facebook’s own decisions about what freedom of speech is and what is not.Some of the committee’s rulings include Overturned Decisions aimed at restricting hate speech and false pandemic statements. Although all this sounds very formal and realistic, the nuances lurks below the surface.

In 2016, Facebook internal demo claim “64% of extremist groups joined because of our recommendation tool.” Two years later, another Facebook demonstration confirmed that their “algorithms exploit the attractiveness of the human brain to division.” If Facebook’s own research shows valid, scientifically-based reasons for reform, why outsource responsibility to a new “independent” legal structure in the first place?

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Less wrong or wrong

Although it is not my job to get involved in the politics of what happened, Facebook should be responsible for developing content recommendation and review strategies that will not increase political polarization for profit.

For example, last month, Facebook released an accidental attempt to simulate community moderation after the controversial neighborhood app Nextdoor. Although Nextdoor has fewer audit issues globally than Facebook, its ongoing localization issues, including misinformation, infighting, and accusations of biased community moderators, still set a lower level for the entire private group review Threshold. This borrowed band-aid requires serious consideration.

In terms of content review, Reddit represents a step in the right direction by using a community-based for/against system on forums such as r/wallstreetbets. Reddit CEO Steve Hoffman Claim Reddit’s audit system “did not see any malicious behavior” in r/wallstreetbets, demonstrating the power of community action.

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Despite proposing a slightly better content review system than Facebook, the centralized nature of Reddit still poses a threat to the open discourse and thought market. Due to centralization, the Reddit community is not fully autonomous or self-regulated. This means that there may be practices such as shadow bans, which in some cases can be seen as a flagrant violation of freedom of speech.

Social encryption governance

The new era of social media platforms must adhere to the values ​​of decentralization, democratization, and transparency-all of which are the driving forces behind encryption. Reflecting these values, encrypted social applications provide a powerful alternative to Facebook and Reddit by supporting decentralized decision-making. In this case, no authority can occupy the supreme position, and blind trust is not a prerequisite for participation. They are designed by the global open source community to improve the status quo for social good. These encrypted social applications rely on bottom-up and middle-out governance, rather than Facebook’s top-down hierarchical power structure. They do this in the name of encrypted social justice.

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These encrypted social applications based on public blockchain technology ushered in a new era of “untrust, verification” – and provided a practical way to do this. Examples of encrypted social organizations include decentralized autonomous organizations or DAOs. These headless organizations operate based on community-derived rules that are used to vote to use and disable new features and functions.

Many DAOs have governance tokens, which provide DAO members with an economic incentive to vote on proposed actions. Voting is done by betting your financial claim against the proposed action. If the operation is passed, the new function will be implemented by the community. If the operation fails, the pledged governance tokens will be returned to the DAO members. However, if a member’s behavior violates the rules set by the community, their governance tokens will be cut and lose any financial or functional value. These are the basic rules of financial incentive DAO. Ideally, some of the same DAO mechanisms can be used more widely for content review.

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Self-regulated community moderation

Together with DAO, another solution to problematic auditing practices can be found in the content creation platform-a decentralized, user-owned, encryption-based network. By joining these platforms, users become their co-owners. This means that power is in the hands of consumers, rather than a disjointed company board of directors, thereby better safeguarding the rights and responsibilities of the community.

Crucially, encryption does not solve all the problems encountered in the history of content review. What it provides is a technical foundation that can organize community mechanisms from a bottom-up and middle-out perspective, and grant freedom of speech in a safe manner.

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Although participating in the DAO’s onboarding process has historically been difficult, there are new encrypted social applications that can seamlessly simplify the experience and improve accessibility. In addition, by equipping users with anonymous usernames, these new portals can cut off unproductive personal attacks from the source, providing a fairer opportunity for everyone.

Provide people with the tools needed for civilized and efficient interaction, opening up opportunities for online inspiration and collaboration. Designing these tools together is the unique thing that makes DAO and Crypto Social both powerful and fair.

In a speech at Georgetown University in October 2019, Mark Zuckerberg Say“You can’t impose tolerance from the top down. It must come from people opening up, sharing experiences, and developing a common story for a society in which we all consider ourselves to be a part of it. This is how we progress together.” He was right , But for the wrong reason. Encrypted social applications can help correct these errors.

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