expands to the U.S. market after Alan Howard’s investment

British digital asset and trading platform provider enters the U.S. market appointment Glenn Barber serves as the head of sales and development. Barber’s appointment to lead the new US office is the “next step in company expansion” strategy. is headquartered in London and has successfully raised US$84.3 million through a financing round. The latest Series B investment has helped the company raise US$50 million. As Cointelegraph recently reported, The previous funding also saw the participation of Alan Howard, A billionaire hedge fund manager who led a $25 million expansion, bringing the total fund to $75 million.

Copper quoted Howard’s investment as saying, “The additional funding shows the growing interest and recognition of crypto assets in the traditional financial sector.”

Glenn Barber, former chief agency officer of Voyager Digital, will work hand in hand with business development directors Doug Bilyk and Betty Sharples to “make Copper the number one choice for U.S. institutions” to conduct encrypted transactions, securely protect digital assets, and “make clear Some trading opportunities.”

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Although small investors have expressed concern about the poor performance of cryptocurrency prices, large investors seem to have doubled their bets on the global adoption of cryptocurrencies.

According to reports, the copper industry announced that it will guide its recent financing Introducing traditional financial institutions into the crypto fieldThe company’s ClearLoop service was recently integrated with the FTX cryptocurrency exchange to help Copper’s asset managers access crypto products, including options, futures, markets, and tokenized stocks.

Howard also made headlines for his recent US$12 million investment in Kikitrade, a Chinese crypto investment platform. According to Cointelegraph, the Chinese startup intends to use the funds to establish roots in Australia, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Southeast Asia.