Cion Digital raises funds to develop a blockchain orchestration platform-

As a powerful software-as-a-service blockchain orchestration ecosystem, Cion Digital announced that it has successfully raised US$12 million in its latest seed financing event.This round of financing is funded by Green Shade Capital 645 Ventures also joined Cion Digital’s board of directors to provide services for the development of the entity. Other companies that expressed support for the project in the seed round are Cota Capital, Epic Ventures, Hourglass Capital Partners, BAT Ventures, Greycroft, and Ulu Ventures.

According to the report, the funds raised will help the company expand its financial services cluster focused on virtual asset investors. The company plans to use the funds to establish a new resource and development center in Pune, India. The surge in capital will help the company improve the operational capabilities of its payment infrastructure.The team is eager to introduce new initiatives related to encryption Use traditional payment services. It will play an important role in promoting interoperability within the cluster. In order to attract more customers, the company will also expand its product portfolio. This will include a fintech loan agreement that will help users use cryptocurrency as collateral to obtain legal loans. The company is also working on a new cryptocurrency financing project that will focus on young investors.

Snehal Fulzele, co-founder of Cion Digital, stated that the business structure will include fixed monthly portal fees and transaction fees.Transaction fees will increase or decrease according to the number of digital assets processed on the platform platformThe orchestration platform will provide the necessary expertise for crypto projects so that they can work effectively. Nnamdi Okike, the co-founder of 645 Ventures, also gave a similar response. He is very happy to cooperate with Cion Digital, which specializes in providing innovative services to financial companies.

It can be said that 2021 is a crucial year for the encryption field, because it brings new forms, structures and impetus to the entire industry. With a spike in the price charts of several virtual assets and blockchain projects, various startups have also paved the way for their success. As we enter 2022, the growth of cryptocurrencies and cryptocurrency companies continues to expand. The success of the seed round of Fintech company Cion Digital proves that people’s interest in cryptocurrency is developing rapidly.

Cion Digital is committed to providing necessary assistance to retailers and financial service providers willing to integrate cryptocurrency into their business structure. Retail investors can use the platform to accept cryptocurrency for purchase or down payment, or use it as loan collateral. Cion helps financial technology companies provide crypto loans, crypto loyalty programs or wallets, etc.

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