Cardano network hits record capacity thanks to SundaeSwap launch, but not all users hailed it as a success

According to Cardano Blockchain Insight and, Cardano (have) network has Keep record capacity The launch of SundaeSwap, which lasted nearly two weeks due to the launch of a decentralized exchange or DEX, is the first of its kind to go live on Cardano.At the same time, the total value locked for the ADA blockchain reached a record high of around $80 million, despite the fact that Coin prices have dropped recently from a falling market.

The current network’s average blockchain load hovers at 93.19%, which means that 93.19% of its blocks are being filled. For context, the metric was only 32.49% on New Year’s Eve. The number of ADA wallets is also about to cross the 3 million mark.

Many ADA enthusiasts celebrated these milestones on social media.However, with only one DEX being added, the network’s near full capacity raises questions about its usefulness, although Expansion Solutions Coming Soon. Reddit User Additional_Till_838 tip go out:

“I don’t like this because it paints a picture of Cardano’s blockchain being overloaded and struggling to handle the load. This may scare investors away from Cardano and make them think it’s not a reliable blockchain network. “

It wasn’t all smooth sailing during SundaeSwap’s launch. Soon, user reports of failed deals began to circulate widely on social media. At the time of publication, users are still claiming that their DEX orders remain unprocessed, despite submitting the order a few days ago. What’s more, the platform is embroiled in a public business dispute involving allegations that investors in Cardano accelerator program CardStarter failed in their pledges.even charles hoskinson joined the disaster, tell both parties to “put your shit together!” and resolve their differences through arbitration or litigation.