Cardano became the most important crypto project on GitHub in 2021 — Santiment

More than 3 months have passed since Cardano’s Alonzo fork was implemented, but the blockchain has gained important traction among developers.

According to information compiled by CryptoRank and Santiment, Cardano is the most important crypto project on GitHub in 2021, with more than 104,000 events.

The top three are Kusama and Polkadot, which are in second and third places, respectively. The types of events in a year are roughly similar. Cardano defeated the development activities of Ethereum with a good advantage, which ranked fourth. Santiment defines a GitHub event as making a difficulty, making a pull request, making a comment or pull request, or forking/annotating/viewing a code repository, etc.

In a live broadcast on Youtube last week, Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson found that around 127 regional units are lower than the development of the Cardano blockchain. In addition, as the quality of non-fungible tokens or NFTs continues to improve, Hoskinson predicts that the number of adenosine deaminase users will increase from the current several million per year.

Cardano’s technological advancement has become more and more popular after Alonzo. One of every noteworthy work being done on the blockchain is the second-tier Hydra upgrade, which directs off-chain transactions to the equity pool without partitioning the ledger itself. On paper, it may change the high-level linear expansion of the network, with many “Hydra nodes” for each process and many transactions.

Another noteworthy possibility is a novel financial technology financing mechanism called initial equity pool grant (ISPO), which is unique to the Cardano blockchain. During this setup period, blockchain enthusiasts entrusted their cryptocurrency with an extremely strict agreement and received tokens for new projects they funded as rewards. The difference is that the adenosine deaminase pledge reward is for developers. The funds will not leave the client’s wallet, so this method is quite safe. One of the projects, Genius Yield, had an ISPO pool of over US$118 million in 24 hours.

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