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Responsible practices to protect the planet require innovation, agility and collaboration.Consumers, investors, producers and government All parts of the world choose to do business with those who show promise Sustainability.

In the mining industry, British Columbia is committed to increasing transparency and trust related to product sources and production methods.This includes attributes related to the supply chain, traceability, and environmental, social and governance sources (ESG) report.

“Although tremendous progress has been made in this field [Responsible Sourcing Blockchain Network]”IBM Digital Credentials Global Head Alex Kaplan said. “I am most excited about what will happen next and where we can go together. “

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The British Columbia government created digital services and convened ecosystem It brings together producers, purchasers and investors of these raw materials to expand credible certification in the mining sector. As part of this plan, the government is convening a digital trust ecosystem led by the British Columbia Department of Energy, Minerals and Low-Carbon Innovation (EMLI). In collaboration with the wider digital trust work of the Department of Citizen Services of British Columbia, the province is carrying out extensive digital trust work.

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Blockchain Technology is part of the core infrastructure of the initiative because it is a catalyst for sustainable development, because it enables the credible exchange and automation of mineral data among all participating members.Leverage technology and consulting expertise IBM blockchain, Is launching a pilot digital trust ecosystem that will enable natural resource producers in British Columbia to share verifiable evidence of material sources, as well as the producers’ certified sustainable environmental, social and governance (ESG) practices, including reducing greenhouses Gas emissions.

In addition, IBM and EMLI are collaborating to develop a long-term vision of how technologies and ecosystems will meet market needs, and a governance model that will accelerate future adoption. The founding members of the digital trust community will work together in the coming months to develop a management charter for the ecosystem and its processes, support onboarding and expand services.

Make it a reality: digital credentials in action

This cooperation will use the existing B.C. service. OrgBook BC started in 2017 and is an early cooperation and exploration with IBM and the Canadian Digital Identity Certification Board (Diak) Around the registry data, and then evolved to start using verifiable credentials, using Hyperledger Aries and Indy technology.The Government of British Columbia and IBM helped establish and contributed to the Trust Over IP (ToIP) Foundation, which focuses on Digital trust. ToIP was launched in May 2020 in Digital identity, Verifiable credentials, blockchain technology, and secure communication space to converge and create an interoperable architecture to achieve decentralized digital trust.

“Simply put,” said Ryan Forman, Executive Director of EMLI’s Strategic Planning Division, “B.C. is using their investment in open source distributed ledger technology, participation in ToIP and industrial emissions data, so that mining operators can easily share information about company performance. Third-party verification of information.” The vision is to enable multiple sectors of the economy to provide certificates and provincial data, not just provincial data.

The digital ecosystem is in the early adopter stage, and IBM and British Columbia are working with an international advisory committee to develop strategies and methods. BC has been designing an enterprise-level BC business wallet, which is the first one established by the government for the business world. This will enable the province to issue certificates directly to companies in British Columbia, providing mining operators with autonomous control of data.

The Mines Digital Trust ecosystem wallet uses verifiable credentials, which are enhanced digital versions of physical credentials. The Mines digital trust ecosystem is built on highly transparent, secure, tamper-proof and immutable technology. From the moment the information is stored, it cannot be changed. Credentials can be revoked and reissued according to the requirements of the business process.

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Using technologies such as blockchain, mining operators, regulators, and customers may verify their greenhouse gas emissions reductions and share these credentials in a trusted way. But technology alone is not enough. In order for this ecosystem to become a viable solution to be adopted after the pilot phase and to be supported by market ecosystem participants, it needs a long-term vision of how the technology will meet market needs and allow for future growth.

EMLI is working with IBM to work with the founding members of the mining digital trust community to develop a management charter for the community and its processes. This partnership will also support onboarding and expanding wallet services.

“I’m really excited to participate in this important program, which clearly demonstrates BC’s leadership and commitment in supporting leading innovation to reduce the carbon footprint of our natural resources industry,” said Gerri Sinclair, BC Innovation Specialist.

I personally look forward to sharing more information in the coming months because we have jointly formulated a governance strategy to solve the business, operational, legal and technical issues of the mining digital trust ecosystem.

Please listen to a demonstration of this work, which will become part of the United Nations Global Innovation Center COP26 meeting Will show the current state of interoperability solutions.

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