Bogdanoff’s crypto meme twin dies at the age of 72

Toast today to the twins behind the famous “Pomp Eet” cryptocurrency meme. Two French TV presenters died one after another within a week, at the age of 72.

according to worldAfterwards, the two brothers were hospitalized on December 15 and transferred to the intensive care unit of a Paris hospital after being infected with SARS-CoV-2, which causes COVID-19 disease. Griczka died on December 28, and Igor died six days later on Monday.

The twins became famous in France in the 1980s and hosted a program called Time X And sell a best-selling book called The key to science fictionn, or the key to science fiction.

Despite their TV charm, weird opinion In terms of theoretical physics and noble Russian ancestry, the twins became famous in the cryptocurrency market due to their viral spread Memes. The twins’ striking high cheekbones, raised lips and long slender jaws are for the brothers be rejected It is the result of cosmetic surgery, which made them become Internet celebrities as early as 2015.

Before the cryptocurrency meme creator took over, the extravagant conspiracy stories surrounding the twins first appeared on Reddit and 4Chan. The most iconic cryptocurrency meme presents Grichka as an all-knowing and omnipotent figure who can crash-“get into trouble”-or drive the cryptocurrency market with a phone call.

The original YouTube video Since February 2018, the number of views has exceeded 4 million, and the memes have been tweets And transaction forum.

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Fortunately, the twins were very happy to hear this joke and the new reputation the meme gave them.In an interview with CNEWS last July, they claim They predicted Bitcoin (Bitcoin) Class currency as part of it in 1982 Time X TV show. They even hinted that they might have seen the mysterious Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto in the 1990s.

Igor Tell TV show Nonstop person His brother’s famous photo on his phone has been viewed more than 1 billion times, and Satoshi Nakamoto “may be related to its spread.” There is no evidence of this interaction.

Although the twins are no strangers to weirdness or weirdness, the memes will undoubtedly continue to exist.