Bison Trails launches Binance smart chain support

Bison Trails, an enterprise infrastructure provider in the blockchain and cryptocurrency industries, has provided support to the developers of the Binance Smart Chain-the company said this move will contribute to the health and safety of the fast-growing DeFi field.

Through Bison Trails, developers on the Binance Smart Chain (also known as BSC) will have access to the verification node infrastructure, which allows them to run nodes and contribute to network security. Specifically, Bison Trails is providing BSC with query and transaction infrastructure to enable developers to build applications more easily.

The cooperation with BSC revolves around the development of DeFi and Chain’s strategic decision to make decentralized finance more affordable through higher gas block limits and accelerated block time. Since its launch nearly a year ago, BSC has attracted more than 180 projects to join the platform. The daily trading volume of BSC reached a record high of over 13.1 million on July 29, but has dropped sharply since then. according to To industry data.

Bison Trails now supports more than 30 agreements and has announced several important partnerships in the past year.As reported by Cointelegraph, some of the company’s recent partners include and Source Blockchain Foundation.

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Although the adoption rate of DeFi on BSC has increased significantly, protocol hackers have also increased significantly.In May of this year, a A series of attacks on the liquidity platform Spartan Protocol Caused a loss of 30 million U.S. dollars.Of course, DeFi looting is not just a BSC problem; Poly Network was recently exploited for $600 million, although According to reports, the attackers intend to return fundsEarlier this month, the crowdfunding platform DAO Maker was also attacked, causing a loss of 7 million US dollars. In July, THORChain is the target of attackers In a coordinated theft of approximately $8 million.

Despite this, DeFi is still one of the biggest growth stories in the crypto industry. The total value locked in the industry is again rapidly approaching historical highs, which proves the ongoing market reversal after months of price declines.

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