Behind the scenes of the first blockchain-based AAA shooting game


Shrapnel is the world’s first AAA shooting game Built on the blockchain, At the intersection of community, creation, and ownership. The team is composed of BAFTA and Emmy award-winning talents. They have participated in HALO, Call of Duty, Madden, BioShock, Destiny, Star Wars, Hawken Skylanders, Westworld and other blockbuster franchises. It is built on the blockchain gaming platform Forte.With Cointelegraph Markets Pro, Don Norbury, studio director of game developer Neon Media, gave an in-depth introduction to the content provided by the game.

Shrapnel game banner. Source: Shrapnel

Cointelegraph Markets Pro users: When I think of games, I think of Galaga, Pac-Man, Tomb Raider, Timesplitters. These games are fun and puzzling, and contain adrenaline-filled additional content. So, how do you avoid “playing games to make money” (P2E) pressing the button for the dollar?

Don Norbury: Shrapnel is currently the core PC game for the main game client. We have a rich website that covers everything except the “shoot at people” element. Our long-term goal is to target mobile clients, but given the other factors we are dealing with, the early scope/focus of the project’s main game client is critical to success.

We are not here to make Cow-Clicker 9000… We are making an intense extraction-based shooting game with creator tools. I think that the P2E track that has been laid out is a great concept and framework that can be understood and considered when designing the economy or understanding the motivation and incentives of players/humans. However, the pure gaming experience in this field is very different from experiences like Shrapnel.

Our team traditionally came from a space where we worked for three years before the public realized it. Although we still believe that a certain degree of baking is required (and contains creative confusion), we believe that the community can participate in this process in many wonderful ways, and work with the project as functions, utilities, and agents are built and iterated growing up.

CT Markets Pro users: Can you tell us your roadmap for 2022 and beyond?

Numbering: We have been planning and building this project for a long time, and you will soon see more details about the roadmap and participation-so please pay close attention to our social channels. We believe that practical and non-fungible tokens are a bet on the table at this point. In addition to our commitment to making excellent extraction shooting games, we are very happy to be able to share in the frontier field of decentralized protocols. Innovation.

CT Markets Pro users: What makes Shrapnel different from ordinary multiplayer shooting games?

Numbering: This is a treasure hunt design with a high risk of extracting shooters and losing your load. You bring your equipment, you need to take out the loot. There have been several examples of this type in the field, such as the dark zone mode of escape from Tarkov and blockade. Nonetheless, it is relatively undeveloped and mature for the AAA method, we can polish the rough edges and bring talent to the dramatic equations surrounding world construction and mechanics. In addition, we have a range of user-generated content tools, ranging from access to more complex types of assets in the project. Finally, literally, Shrapnel will be partly built by the community to enable them to own the platform and their creations and be recognized for their contributions and participation.

CT Markets Pro users: What experience does Neon Media have in gaming?

Numbering: Our entire career is based on AAA game development and cross-media production. Therefore, we all have decades of experience in setting up studios, executing distribution projects for global distribution, and establishing the largest franchise in the industry. Studios/companies such as LucasArts, Xbox, Activision, Irrational, EA, HBO… and projects such as Halo, Call of Duty, BioShock, Star Wars, Madden, Westworld, etc. So I think we are a little obsessed…maybe too much.

CT Markets Pro users: What can Forte blockchain/NFT platform or Neon/Shrapnel investors bring?

Numbering: One of the main issues that hinder wider adoption of games in the crypto space is friction and risk. When we think about wallet/key management, Know Your Customer (KYC)/Anti-Money Laundering (AML), or asset transportability, these are the spaces for people who are proficient in cryptocurrency. There is an element of familiarity and acceptance. Nevertheless, for ordinary gamers, this is too much. When we build the game, we hope that players can quickly enter and experience emotional moments from the heart, and even minimize the initial installation size of the client so that you can enter and shoot someone’s face as soon as possible. Forte focuses on reducing typical friction and ensuring compliance and future-oriented development to make the gaming experience flourish.

CT Markets Pro users: How do you see the future of interoperability? Is this project on one chain or on several chains?

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Numbering: This is a very important question, and it is close at hand in our Shrapnel minds. We consider interoperability as much as possible when constructing the agreement. One of our core pillars at Shrapnel is: “We are not Metaverse; we are a part of it.” We regard blockchain and DeFi as Metaverse’s TCP/IP, and most of the projects that claim to be “Metaverse” are Called “sandbox game”. We hope that every future platform can realize their expression of Shrapnel, including the part created by our team in Seattle, and all the future imaginations of creators in the Shrapnel platform.