Bankman-Fried of FTX is still cautious about the nascent NFT space

In an interview with CNBC’s Asian Street Sign Released On Tuesday, Sam Bankman-Fried expressed an optimistic and cautious attitude towards the growth rate of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) over the past year, warning investors that if they receive improper education in the field, they may be vulnerable to turbulent market dynamics.

The 29-year-old crypto entrepreneur and founder of trading company Alameda Research and crypto derivatives exchange FTX hinted that his own customers had already switched their intentions to purchase digital assets, but these customers questioned the true utility May become hesitant about their new assets.

Bankman-Fried claimed: “It’s become mainstream almost faster than the mainstream understands what they’re adopting. This is a strange phenomenon.”

He continued: “This could lead to very rapid and large-scale adoption. Frankly speaking, if there is a collision, it can also cause a sour taste in people’s mouths, and no one can fully figure out what it is.”

In such a nascent space, the market temperament of NFT is naturally relatively unchallenged. Compared with the cryptocurrency market that has experienced many bullish and bearish cycles, NFT has not withstood the test, it can only be said that it has experienced a good time.

At least for now, NFT sales continue to break new historical highs, thereby increasing awareness and cultural acceptance in the mainstream market.Maybe at the same time Grow up Decentralized finance, The market can maintain this momentum for a long time.

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Just yesterday, payment processing giant Visa Buy Iconic CryptoPunk avatar Only 150 Ether (Ethereum), equivalent to 150,000 USD.

In addition, cryptocurrency entrepreneur Jordan Fried Recently announced a future launch According to reports, is a marketing initiative supported by Kevin O’Leary, an experienced investor and member of the Winners Group.

Bankman-Fried concluded in the interview: “Of course, people make money by selling them. If you can understand what makes them popular, it will be a way to enter the game.”